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Genshin Impact Sumeru underground map arrives in new HoYoLAB update

A Genshin Impact Sumeru underground map has been added to the anime RPG's official interactive map on HoYoLAB in a new update for version 3.4

Genshin Impact adds Sumeru underground map in new HoYoLAB update: anime boy with white hair and headdress

A Genshin Impact Sumeru underground map feature has been added in a new update to the anime game’s official interactive map on HoYoLAB. This comes alongside the launch of Genshin Impact version 3.4, as a whole new area – the Desert of Hadramaveth – was added as well. Players have been asking for better map systems in Sumeru since the original desert was released back in version 3.1, and now, HoYoverse has answered.

Some players have already explored the underground sections of the Sumeru desert through the Golden Slumber questline, but these new maps will be great for newcomers and those who haven’t yet stepped foot inside Sumeru’s tombs.

The version 3.4 update also added icons to teleport waypoints to differentiate between ones that are found indoors and ones that are outdoors. Together with the new underground maps, these features should make Sumeru exploration smoother than its ever been.

The maps also appear for the underground ruins found beneath Sumeru’s jungles – not just the desert. The only downside to this update is that the new maps aren’t actually visible in-game. You can only access them through the official interactive map on HoYoLAB.

Genshin Impact adds Sumeru underground map in new HoYoLAB update: desert map with words and icons

As you can see in the image above, the website has added a switch in the bottom-left corner of the map that toggles the underground sections.

This will make it easier to not only explore, but also to find annoying ascension materials like scarabs for Cyno. And if you plan of using the maps for that purpose, be sure to have Tighnari on your team to make the grind even easier with his item-finding passive ability.

Genshin Impact version 3.4 is live now, so all of these helpful changes should currently be available to all players. The current character banners have also changed to offer Alhaitham, Xiao, and Yaoyao for the first half of the update.