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Genshin Impact TCG card catalogue and deck builder lets you get ahead

The Genshin Impact TCG is on its way in version 3.3, and a few fans have gathered unreleased info on the cards to put them in a deck builder

Genshin Impact TCG card catalogue and deck builder lets you get ahead: anime girl with blue hair and blue eyes holding a six-sided die

The Genshin Impact TCG (trading card game), Genius Invokation, is being added in the version 3.3 update, and some players have come together to create a card catalogue and deck builder ahead of the official release. HoYoverse is adding this TCG as a permanent game mode in the anime game, so it might be best to learn the rules and card effects sooner rather than later.

Redditors SigmaZero, Endg4me_, and StupidIdiot – along with known leaker Pengepul Teyvat and a few others – are responsible for compiling all of the details that have been leaked and/or officially released up to this point and putting them inside helpful sheets.

The main card catalogue lists all known cards for characters, talents, weapons, artifacts, locations, and more. It also contains links to the Genshin Impact Genuis Invokation TCG rules, calculators for stats, and some leaked gameplay clips from the currently live closed beta for Genshin Impact version 3.3.

The catalogue was put together by SignmaZero, and it’s in the form of an Excel sheet with several pages that categorize every important card classification listed above, complete with official card art images.

The rulebook was made by Endg4me_ and StupidIdiot, and is being updated as new details emerge. For now, it’s using information from the version 3.3 beta, but it will be changed once the update goes live.

StupidIdiot is responsible for the deck builder, and it allows players to search cards from the website’s database to put them in a custom decklist.

All of the resources mentioned here can be found in one collaborative Reddit thread that lay out the work done by each Redditor alongside the links to the card catalogue, deck builder, and rulebook.

Genshin Impact version 3.3 will also bring a new Spiral Abyss enemy lineup, two new Anemo characters, Scaramouche and Faruzan, and reruns for Raiden Shogun and Arataki Itto.