The best Genshin Impact Itto build

The best weapons and artifact sets to maximize Arataki Itto’s damage, and the best team composition to run alongside him

Genshin Impact Itto smiling in a shrine, holding out a bowl of something to the viewer

Looking for the best Genshin Impact Itto build? Arataki Itto is a part-oni Geo claymore character, and he’s the leader of the Arataki gang in Inazuma. While he may look somewhat uncouth, he’s actually just mischievous, with a heart of gold underneath his fancy cropped coat.

Itto became available in the Genshin Impact 2.4 update, alongside fellow Geo user Gorou. These two Genshin Impact characters are on the second 2.4 Genshin Impact banner; Itto is a five-star character, whereas Gorou is a four-star.

If you plan to pull for Arataki Itto, you may be preparing to acquire the best artifacts and weapons for him, and making plans on how he will fit into your party. Here’s the best Genshin Impact Itto build, and the best team composition, you can also check out all the Genshin Impact Itto abilities.

genshin impact Arataki Itto DPS build

A significant amount of Itto’s damage comes from his defense stat. His passive talent, Bloodline of the Crimson Oni, increases his charge attack damage by 25% of his defense. Itto has reasonable base attack, but the majority of his damage comes from his ultimate, which converts his defense into an attack bonus, boosts his attack speed, and makes his attacks deal Geo damage. Therefore, the best strategy is to boost his defense and smack people with your claymore as much as possible.

Genshin Impact Itto combing his hair outside a shrine in Inazuma

The best claymore for Itto to smack people with is the new Redthorn Stonethresher five-star weapon, which provides crit damage, increases Itto’s defense by 28%, and increases his normal and charged attack damage by 40% of his defense. It’s the perfect fit for Itto, but if you’re not able to obtain it, the Serpent Spine is a good secondary choice as it boosts crit rate and increases Itto’s damage by 6% for every four seconds he’s on the field, although it does cause him to take 3% more damage in return.

If you’re looking for a more obtainable weapon, Whiteblind is another strong candidate, as it increases Itto’s attack and defense by 6% for six seconds every time he hits a normal or charged attack. This effect can stack up to four times.

The best artifacts for Itto boost his defense, Geo damage, and crit rate or crit damage. The upcoming Husk of Opulent Dreams is tailor-made for him, granting Itto a defense bonus and providing him with a 6% defense buff and 6% Geo damage bonus every time he hits an enemy with a Geo attack. This effect can stack up to four times.

If your team has a good shield uptime, the Retracing Bolide four-set is also a viable choice for Itto, as it grants him an additional 40% normal and charged attack damage while protected by a shield.

Alternative options include the Archaic Petra two-piece set for its 15% Geo damage bonus, alongside a two-piece Noblesse Oblige set to boost Itto’s elemental burst damage.

Genshin Impact Itto staring sternly forward, surrounded by energy mid-battle

Arataki Itto best team composition

We expect Itto to fit well into any Geo team. He’s ideally supported by his bannermate Gorou; if you have both Gorou and Itto in your team, you should run at least one more Geo character to get the most out of Gorou’s buffs.

He would be an excellent teammate for Ningguang or Albedo; Zhongli is another good option. You could complete the team with another Geo character, or with Bennett for his buffs. If you don’t have these characters, you will need a sub DPS to provide damage off-field – we recommend Raiden Shogun, Xingqiu, or C2 Ganyu.

That’s everything you need to put together the best Arataki Itto build – keep an eye out for new Genshin Impact codes for those all-important primogems.

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