Genshin Impact Thoma – everything we know

Who is Thoma in Genshin Impact?

A blond-haired man wearing a metal hairband standing on a pier in Genshin Impact

Who is Thoma in Genshin Impact? There are a bunch of new Genshin Impact characters arriving in the 2.0 update, which introduces the new Inazuma region. Although Thoma won’t be a playable character when the 2.0 release kicks off, he is an NPC in the new nation of Inazuma, and was introduced in the livestream as the chief retainer of the Kamisato Clan.

There’s not much known about Thoma, originally known from datamined content as Tohama, but Mihoyo says, “He’s a rather special character. He has blond hair, different from most other Inazuma characters and his identity is naturally a bit of a mystery of its own. In terms of his personality, he’s very observant of people — a rather mature companion. Thoma is currently the chief retainer of the Kamisato Clan and has a certain level of association with the Kamisato siblings.”

Eagle-eyed viewers have also spotted a red stone in the 2.0 livestream, under Thoma’s hands, thought to be a Pyro vision. So here’s everything we know about the upcoming character, Thoma, in Genshin Impact.

When is Thoma coming to Genshin Impact?

Although Thoma arrives as an NPC in 2.0, it looks like he’ll be playable in future updates of Genshin Impact and he’s rumoured to be a four-star Pyro, polearm user.

We don’t know much about Thoma, but he’s likely to be a close ally due to his relationship with Ayaka – they belong to the same clan, and he can be seen conversing with her and Traveler. In leaked Ayaka voice lines she says, “Once Tohma shoved a whole Matcha Cake in his mouth, only to discover it was too bitter and spat it out again.” In further leaks from Honey Hunter World, she says, “Thoma is a dear friend. He always lifts my spirits with his sunny disposition. In a sense, I think of him as another brother, and as a full member of the Kamisato Clan.’

That’s all we have on Thoma in Genshin Impact, but there are plenty more characters waiting in Inazuma including Baal, the Electro Archon, and playable characters Yoimiya and Sayu.

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