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How to perform timed strikes in Gotham Knights

Getting the timing right for Gotham Knights timed strikes is necessary to hit your opponents as hard as possible and shorten fights against bosses

Gotham Knights timed strikes: Robin is landing a timed strike on an enemy wearing a white suit. and a mask in the middle of a chamber..

Gotham Knights timed strikes are the key to hitting an enemy as hard as possible. So if you want to defeat enemies quickly in the superhero game and are playing as a melee-focused Gotham Knights character such as Red Hood, then you will likely need to grasp the timing as promptly as possible.

To perform Gotham Knights timed strikes, you need to press the attack button as soon as your current attack lands. Knowing when you’ve landed a timed strike is tricky to see without looking at the damage numbers whether or not it works, but the telltale sign is that there is a brief spark as soon as your attacks land. It’s something you can get a feel for after a while, but there is a way to practice.

How to practice Gotham Knights timed strikes

If you need a refresher on how Gotham Knights timed strikes look and sound in a safer environment, head back to the Belfry and go to the training dummy on the far left side of the room. Select Advanced Training, and you should see the option to practice your attack timing. If you don’t see this option, complete all of the basic training tasks, and it should appear.

Once you’ve finished practicing Gotham Knights timed strikes, head to the Basic Training section where you can learn how to use smoke bombs to make quick getaways. As for things the game doesn’t tell you immediately about, we can help by telling you how to fuse rarer Gotham Knights mods and where to find all the Gotham Knights fast travel locations. Finally, there are a whole bunch of collectibles to discover, including landmarks, Batarangs, and street art murals, to name a few.