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Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto explained

Find out the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto and where you can learn it to complete The Polyjuice Plot main story quest as quickly as possible.

Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto - Professor Black is pointing at the sky as he addresses the school in front of a stained glass window.

You need the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto to complete a main story quest, ‘The Polyjuice Plot’, where you masquerade as Hogwarts headmaster Professor Black. Those familiar with Polyjuice potions from the Harry Potter books will know that while this elixir does turn a person into a copy of the person they think of, it doesn’t give them their memories.

So naturally, you’ll have to do some detective work to find out what the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto is. Thankfully, even though this is one of the later Hogwarts Legacy quests, available after ‘The Headmistress Speaks’, the mystery behind the motto itself isn’t all that hard to remember if you recall one key detail about the Black family. Even if you get it incorrect, you won’t be penalised. However, if you just want to get the open-world game’s quest over and to learn how to get into the headmaster’s office as quickly as possible, here is the Black family motto.

Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto - Scrope is wearing a sack for clothing and has a bandage over one of his ears.

What is the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto?

To learn the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto, you want to pick the dialogue option “It’s to do with purity of blood” when talking to Scrope in the Great Hall during the quest. He’ll then tell you the motto is “Toujours Pur”, French for ‘Always Pure. This adds up because the Black family historically felt that Muggle and wizard blood should never mix.

Once you’ve solved the riddle of the Hogwarts Legacy Black family motto, you’ll head upstairs and to the left as the Polyjuice potion begins to wear off. You’ll need to hide to avoid getting into hot water, but after that, you’ll complete the quest. After this, you can return to the headmaster’s room and cast the Alohomora level 3 spell to unlock the door and the path to one of the three Hogwarts Legacy secrets.

Perhaps one day, there will be a Hogwarts Legacy mod that adds the Polyjuice potion and the ability to transform into another NPC. Either way, you’re getting close to the end, so unless hunting down Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Statues or Daedalian keys appeals to you, here are some of the best PC games we suggest you play when you’re done being a witch or wizard.

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