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How to change appearance in Hogwarts Legacy

The ability to change appearance in Hogwarts Legacy is fairly straightforward, but be prepared to part with a few Galleons before you begin your makeover.

Hogwarts Legacy how to change appearance: Madam Snelling, the eccentric salon owner who can change various features for a fee.

Wondering how to change appearance in Hogwarts Legacy? There’s plenty of opportunity to refresh your wardrobe to ensure you’re flaunting the best stats and style, but when it comes to changing your character itself, there’s only one place to go.

After so many hours spent in the RPG game, it may be time to change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy to better reflect your character as they develop during their time at Hogwarts with their companions. Having the freedom to change your appearance in a sprawling open-world game is a foregone conclusion, and you don’t have to stray far from Hogwarts to make it happen.

Hogwarts Legacy how to change appearance: The Hogwarts Legacy map of Hogsmeade, which shows Madam Snelling's salon highlighted with a scissors icon.

How to change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy

You can change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy by heading to Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium in Hogsmeade and interacting with the eponymous salon owner. If you’re unsure where to go, refer to the scissors icon on the Hogwarts Legacy map. You’ll need 20 Galleons for each cosmetic change, so don’t arrive with an empty purse if you’re after a complete makeover.

It’s worth pointing out that this mechanic is solely for changing physical features. If you’re looking to alter your best threads to something a bit more in line with your fashion sense, our Hogwarts Legacy transmog guide is the one for you.

As a capable beautician, Madam Snelling gives you the option of changing the following features:

  • Hair colour
  • Hairstyle
  • Complexion
  • Freckles and moles
  • Scars and markings
  • Eye colour
  • Eyebrow colour
  • Eyebrow shape

Unfortunately, while Madam Snelling can magic away a troublesome scar or mottled complexion, her powers don’t extend to altering your body type or facial features – you’ll have to rely on Hogwarts Legacy mods for that.

Now that you know how to change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy, stay in Hogsmeade and become acquainted with the various Hogwarts Legacy characters that populate the little town. If you’re new to Hogsmeade, the Hogwarts Legacy Magic Neep location should be your first stop if you’re looking to progress the story; just be sure to find out the best Hogwarts Legacy wand before you swing by Ollivander’s. Finally, our Hogwarts Legacy review sheds some light on how we found our time at the famed school for witchcraft and wizardry.

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