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Best Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs

Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs are parts of the world that nod back to Harry Potter lore, inclusions that only the most devoted fans will likely notice.

Best Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs: a witch converses with the player in the snow

The Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs are many – with such a deep pool of lore to pull from, it’s hard to turn a corner in the wizarding school and not notice something from the many books and movies. These could be lines of dialogue to full areas of Hogwarts, and while they are fun to discover, the world is so vast that they’re easy to miss.

If you’ve read our Hogwarts Legacy review, you’ll know that the open world game is perfect for hardcore fans of the Harry Potter series, with the faithful recreation of Hogwarts, in particular, being a highlight of your wizarding journey. Have you seen any nods to the movies during your time at school? Talking mirrors and de-gnoming gardens aside, there are hundreds of Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs to discover, and these are our favourites.

Best Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs: a cabinet sits in a dark corner of a room

The Vanishing Cabinet

Vanishing Cabinets play a vital role in the Harry Potter story, as they’re the object used by Malfoy to smuggle several Death Eaters into the school, despite the wards of protection on the Hogwarts grounds. This very Vanishing Cabinet can be seen by the player in the Room of Requirement.

Best Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs: a chess piece sits in a dark corner of a room

Wizards chess

As well as the Vanishing Cabinet, there’s also a Wizards Chess piece in the Room of Requirement – possibly the same piece that Ron uses in the Chamber of Secrets.

Best Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs: an old bathroom sink with dirty mirror

Chamber of Secrets

Speaking of the Chamber of Secrets, we all know that the entrance to the dangerous cavern is located in Hogwarts, and if you head to the girl’s bathrooms in the Slytherin Dungeons you’re able to see the very basin used to open the chamber. If you look closely, you can see a snake etched into one of the taps, and if you use Revelio, you can reveal a field guide page describing the entrance.

Best Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs: a huge casket which houses a trophy

Triwizard Cup

There are many trophies housed in the Trophy Room near the grand staircase tower, but the most important one is just out of sight. The Triwizard Cup is encased in its protective shell in the middle of the room. You’ll know this infamous cup from The Goblet of Fire, in which it was used as a portkey by Voldemort to whisk Harry Potter away.

Best Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs: a cauldron sitting on a toilet, filled with green liquid

Polyjuice Potion

If you take the Floo Flame network to Professor Fig’s classroom then head to the girl’s bathroom on the second floor and enter the last stall, you’ll notice something quite peculiar; a full cauldron, and several books. This is, of course, a nod to Hermione brewing the Polyjuice potion in the Chamber of Secrets.

Best Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs: a giant squid attacks the outside of a window

Giant Squid

It’s well known that the Great Lake houses many different types of creatures, none bigger, or perhaps more terrifying than the giant squid. Because the Slytherin common room is actually below ground, you can summon the Giant Squid by auto-attacking the windows. Do it enough and you’ll be treated to one of the squid’s huge tentacles slamming against the glass.

Best Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs: a pair of ginger twins look into a shop

Weasley Twins

Outside Zonkos joke shop in Hogsmeade there are two identical, ginger twins, both wearing what look to be patched-up hand-me-down clothes. This is of course a reference to the Weasley twins, future owners of their own joke shop in Diagon alley.

Best Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs: a scroll tells the story of an abandonded cell

Sirius Black’s cell

Through Professor Ronin’s office up on the battlements, you’re able to visit the very cell that Sirius Black was held in while he waited for his last meeting with the Dementors. Casting Revelio will reveal a field guide page, telling tales of the shady practices of old, and hinting at other dark events that may be to come.

Those are our favourite Hogwarts Legacy easter eggs, but by no means is this an exhaustive list – there are plenty of other subtle nods to the lore that are just waiting to be discovered. If you’ve enjoyed brewing potions and learning spells, have maxed out every talent you can, found every secret, and are looking for another challenge, our list of the best PC games ever should see you right.

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