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Hogwarts Legacy VR is coming, with new gameplay footage out now

Hogwarts Legacy VR is in the works, thanks to an unofficial mod for Unreal Engine which will transform the Harry Potter RPG game, as well as Epic’s Fortnite.

Hogwarts Legacy VR gameplay footage: A young wizarding student in round Harry Potter glasses in RPG game Hogwarts Legacy

It looks like Hogwarts Legacy VR is soon to become a reality, thanks to a transformative mod for Unreal Engine which will enable virtual reality support for the Harry Potter RPG game. As we approach the Hogwarts Legacy release date, if you want to explore the school of witchcraft and wizardry in more detail than ever before, new gameplay footage shows Hogwarts Legacy VR in action. Oh, and it should work for Epic’s shooter, Fortnite, as well.

Developed by ‘Praydog,’ the VR modder who previously added virtual reality support for Resident Evil 2, the aptly named ‘UE VR Injector’ mod will offer virtual reality support for games using Unreal Engine – which includes Hogwarts Legacy. If you want to feel like you’re actually inside the Hogwarts Legacy map, or personally casting all those Hogwarts Legacy spells, that may soon become a reality.

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With Hogwarts Legacy early access upon us, dedicated VR channel Flat2VR has already tested Praydog’s mod inside the Harry Potter game. At the moment, there is no support for motion controls, meaning that the mod, for all intents and purposes, is visual only – you can turn your head and look around Hogwarts, but you’ll still have to use a regular controller.

Also, there is no set release date yet for the UE VR Injector, so we may need to wait. Keep an eye on Praydog’s Patreon for further updates. Nevertheless, as well as Hogwarts Legacy, you can also take a look at Fortnite VR for further proof of the concept.

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