Honkai Star Rail birthdays explained

Our guide to Honkai Star Rail birthdays gives you the chance to celebrate in style, with a gift of Stellar Jade and a unique birthday cake as a souvenir.

Pom-Pom, the Astral Express' leporine conductor, holds up a plate of pancakes and egg on toast, and this purveyor of tasty treats is an important factor in Honkai Star Rail birthdays.

Are you looking to celebrate Honkai Star Rail birthdays? There are plenty of notable dates that crop up in Hoyoverse’s character-driven gacha game, but none could be closer to your heart than the special day of your traveling companions. If you’re no stranger to Genshin Impact, you might be wondering where to find these dates, and if you can expect anything from them. Stop your search, because we’ve got all the answers.

Of course, when it comes to Honkai Star Rail birthdays, you can’t forget your own. Honkai Star Rail doesn’t either, bestowing you with Stellar Jade to put towards Honkai Star Rail Warps for characters and Light Cones – though we’d also recommend checking out our list of active Honkai Star Rail codes if you’d prefer not to wait around for the big day. Here’s what you can expect from Honkai Star Rail birthdays.

The First Voyage's Blessing Birthday Cake, as bestowed upon the player as part of the Honkai Star Rail birthdays.

What do you get on your birthday?

On your Honkai Star Rail birthday, Pom-Pom sends a few gifts to your in-game mailbox, including 100 Stellar Jade and a Birthday Cake. You get to choose the Trailblazer’s date of birth during the opening hours of the anime game, and while you’re free to set it to whenever you like, you might opt to choose a date that’s sooner rather than later.

This year’s birthday cake is First Voyage’s Blessing, which suggests that we should anticipate receiving a different type of Birthday Cake each year. While Stellar Jade will help you pull on the latest Honkai Star Rail banners, birthday cakes serves as a souvenir to mark your time of celebration in the RPG game.

Honkai Star Rail character birthdays

While the Honkai Star Rail character birthdays are still unknown, we anticipate that this feature will eventually make an appearance thanks to our previous experience with Genshin Impact.

In Hoyoverse’s flagship gacha game, characters send you a letter and their Special Dish on their birthday, alongside an assortment of other gifts. Of course, you have to keep track of the dates to know when to log in – be sure to check back for a complete list of Honkai Star Rail characters and their birthdays.

If your gifts from Honkai Star Rail birthdays are some time away, check out all the best tactics we’ve found for farming Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade, so you can start pulling for the top contenders on our Honkai Star Rail tier list, then pair them with our best builds once you’ve got them in the bag. Finally, our Honkai Star Rail review delves into our own experience aboard the Astral Express.