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Best Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng build

Dan Heng controls the power of the wind to best his enemies, capable of large-scale damage attacks and being your team’s DPS member.

Best Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng build: Dan Heng glares at an unseen foe.

What is the best Dan Heng build? The often tight-lipped and more serious member of the Trailblazers, Dan Heng finds himself in the archives of the Astral Express. Don’t let his mild-mannered personality fool you, he is a DPS beast. Equipped with a bladed pole-arm, Dan Heng controls the wind element to bolster his attacks. Any upgrades or skill paths need to lean into his ability to land damage and take advantage of enemies with low wind resistance.

Our Honkai Star Rail tier list includes the best characters to accompany Dan Heng in Honkai Star Rail, and our extensive research and time in the game covers everything from the best Honkai Star Rail builds to the best team comps. However, you’ll need to pick up all the latest Honkai Star Rail codes if you’re looking to fill out your roster with the best options. Now that you’re ready, let’s get into the best Dan Heng build.

The best build for Dan Heng makes the most of his ultimate

What is the best Dan Heng build?

The best Dan Heng build is:

  • Light Cone – Only Silence Remains (four-star)
  • Relics – The Eagle of Twilight (four-piece)
  • Eidolon – Roaring Dragon and Soaring Sun (level four)
  • Planar Ornaments – Space Sealing Station (two-piece)
  • Team comp – Dan Heng, Welt, Tingyun, Luocha

For the best Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng build, we want to focus on his damage output, predominantly through his access to various buffs. You will want to keep his buffs stacked and lean into using his Splitting Spearhead technique as often as possible, as this increases his attack by 40% at the start of the next battle, for three turns.

The best build for Dan Heng makes the most of his attack skills

Best Dan Heng Light Cones

Light Cone Effect
Only Silence Remains (four-star) Increases Dan Heng’s attack by 16%. If there are two or fewer enemies on the field it also increases his crit rate by 12%.
Subscribe for More! (four-star) Increases the damage of the wearer’s basic attack and skill by 24%. This effect increases by an extra 24% when the wearer’s current energy reaches its maximum level.
Darting Arrow (three-star) When the wearer defeats an enemy, increases attack by 24% for three turns.

There are three Honkai Star Rail light cones that work well with Dan Heng, all of which are only available via gacha mechanics. Each of these light cones focuses on increasing attack damage, with a follow-up buff should the battlefield dictate. Going with Only Silence Remains allows Dan Heng to stack up more damage, but more importantly, his crit rate increase is perfect for bosses as they often fight alone, meeting the criteria for the buff.

Best Dan Heng Relics

The best Relics for Dan Heng are:

Relic Effect
Eagle of Twilight Line After Dan Heng uses his ultimate, his action advances forward by 25%.
Musketeer of Wild Wind Dan Heng’s speed increases by 6% and basic attack damage increases by 10%.

Ensuring that Dan Heng is wearing the correct Honkai Star Rail relics will give him buffs to his damage and speed. There are two sets that will bestow the right buffs, but it’s worth remembering that these relics can be enhanced with relic materials which will increase basic stats such as attack, HP, defense, and crit damage.

Increasing wind damage favors Dan Heng’s  Cloudlancer Art: North Wind and Cloudlancer Art: Torrent, both of which rely on his wind element. This stacking of damage buffs keeps him a hitting heavyweight.

Best Dan Heng Planar Ornaments

The best Dan Heng Planar Ornament is:

Planar Ornament Effect
Space Sealing Station Increases the wearer’s attack by 12%. When the wearer’s speed reaches 120 or higher, the wearer’s attack increases by another 12%.

By focusing on increasing Dan Heng’s attack as a passive result of his speed increasing, his capability of hitting hard and fast only continues to increase.

The best build for Dan Heng makes the most of his attack skills

Best Dan Heng Eidolons

The best Eidolons for Dan Heng are:

Eidolon Effect
Roaring Dragon and Soaring Sun (level four) Whenever Dan Heng uses his ultimate to defeat an enemy, his next action is advanced forward by 100%.

As you proceed to level up Dan Heng’s Eidolons you will slowly implement buffs and stat increases, with perhaps his best Eidolon speeding up the ability to act again in battle. Of course, here is where luck plays a big factor if you’re sticking to the free-to-play route, as you will need several Dan Heng pulls in order to work through these unlocks.

Dan Heng Ascension Materials

The Ascension Materials for Dan Heng are:

  • Extinguished Core
  • Glimmering Core
  • Squirming Core
  • Storm Eye

In order to enhance Dan Heng’s level, skills, and traces, you will need a lot of materials. Each of these areas requires different materials which can be found as rewards from shops and calyxes. It’s time to grind, and we can help you track down locations for materials in order to get Dan Heng to max level quickly.

Best Dan Heng team comp

The best Dan Heng team comp is:

  • Dan Heng – DPS
  • Welt – Support DPS
  • Tingyun – Buffer
  • Luocha – Healer

Dan Heng is remarkably self-sufficient, slotting neatly into a wide variety of team comps that benefit from a reliable single-target assassin – however, his synergy with Welt is frankly unmatched. Their shared capacity to inflict speed reduction on enemies allows them to work in tandem and allows Dan Heng to sneak in additional attacks and outpace any enemies that appear. Welt’s kit also includes the AoE damage that Dan Heng misses out on as a single-target DPS, which can be a lifesaver when going up against large numbers of enemies at once.

Luocha also comes in handy in this regard as well, with his ultimate delivering a potent burst of AoE damage to finish off anything left standing. Of course, Luocha’s main role in this team comp is to keep everyone on their feet, which he should manage quite easily with his unique blend of active and passive healing. Finally, we’ve opted for old favorite Tingyun to provide the necessary damage buffs and energy replenishment to all of the above units.

The best Dan Heng build can transform this quiet and reserved train guard into a full-fledged Trailblazer, capable of going toe to toe with any boss. Be sure to mine our Stellar Jade farming guide for any extra pulls on the latest Honkai Star Rail banners, and swing by our Honkai Star Rail review for an evaluation of our time aboard the Astral Express.