Best Honkai Star Rail Herta build

This icy puppet can lead your party to victory with her frosty follow-up attacks. Here's the best build for Herta in HoYoverse's game.

The best Herta build makes use of the purple-haired menace.

Eager to dish out some ice damage with our best Honkai star Rail Herta build? Herta’s equally cute, deadly, and uncaring nature is not too dissimilar from a neighbourhood cat that refuses to let you get close enough to pet them. That, coupled with her status as leader of the self-named Herta Space Station and your ticket into the roguelike Simulated Universe mode make Herta herself one of the more peculiar free characters. Even so, adding Herta to your team will see this Path of Erudition walker carry out some serious AoE ice damage should you take the time to build her well.

You should never say no to a freebie, and the early four-star Herta is certainly no different, standing as a perfect multi-target DPS option in the list of currently available Honkai Star Rail characters, and placing respectably on our Honkai Star Rail definitive tier list.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Herta build?

The best Herta build is:

  • Light Cone – Night on the Milky Way
  • Relics – Hunter of Glacial Forect
  • Planar Ornaments – Inert Salsotto
  • Eidolons – Keep the Ball Rolling

It’s first important to note that Herta’s kit actually suits her more to the Sub DPS role in Honkai Star Rail, which means that she’s better built to supplement a separate Main DPS character by taking advantage of her unique, follow-up attack spamming Talent. By lowering any enemy’s health below 50%, Herta will follow up with an AoE ice attack that can help clear the opposition quickly. When paired with the likes of Himeko and built with a high crit rate in mind, the chances for multiple follow-ups skyrocket, lessening the chances that the enemy team even gets a turn.

Best Herta Light Cones

The best Light Cones for Herta are:

  • Night on the Milky Way (five-star)
  • The Birth of the Self (four-star)
  • Data Bank (three-star)

It seems that fire and ice do work well together, as Himeko’s five-star Light Cone suits Herta’s AoE needs perfectly. For every enemy on the field, Herta’s attack rises by 9% up to five stacks, and when an enemy is inflicted with Weakness Break, her damage dealt increases by 30%. At the max superimposition level, these percentages go up to 15% and 50% respectively, making this a stellar choice for any multi-target DPS character. The Birth of the Self is also a great alternative, boosting Herta’s follow-up attacks and dishing out even more if their HP is low.

Best Herta Relics

The best Relic set for Herta is:

Relic Effect
Hunter of Glacial Forest (four-piece set) Hunter of Glacial Forest (four-piece set) – Increases Herta’s ice damage by 10%. After Herta uses her ultimate, her crit damage increases by 25% for two turns.

Herta excels in a high crit environment with the Hunter of Glacial Forest settling in easily as the perfect accompaniment to her Planar Ornament, while also synergising well with her best Eidolon.

Best Herta Planar Ornaments

The best Planar Ornament for Herta is:

Planar Ornament Effect
Inert Salsatto (two-piece) Increases Herta’s crit Rate by 8%. When Herta’s crit rate reaches 50% or higher, her ultimate and follow-up damage increases by 15%.

Under the effects of Inert Salsotto, Herta’s DPS output begins to shoot upward, as the set capitalizes on her innate follow-up triggering passive, turning the puppet into a literal critical hitting machine.

The best Herta build uses specific relics for maximum efficiency.

Best Herta Eidolons

The best Eidolon for Herta is:

Eidolon Effect
Level Two: Keep the Ball Rolling Every time Herta’s talent triggers, her crit rate increases by 3%, stacking up to five times.

Fortunately, if you’re looking to truly push Herta to her limits, then you’ll only need to commit to rolling for her second Eidolon. Her ability to critically hit rises by an extra 15% in crowded fights, where she’ll be landing a silly amount of follow-up attacks and clearing any stragglers that your main DPS couldn’t clear with ease.

Herta Ascension Materials

The Ascension Materials for Herta are:

  • Horn of Snow
  • Destroyer’s Final Road
  • Key of Wisdom/Key of Knowledge/Key of Inspiration
  • Squirming Core/Glimmering Core/Extinguished Core

The Key of Wisdom and Key of Knowledge items are likely the most troubling to pick up in the earlier stages of your time in Honkai Star Rail, with lower difficulty levels of the Calyxes unable to 100% guarantee drops at times. We’d recommend purchasing as many of the lower-level Key of Inspiration items and synthesizing them where possible across the shops of Jarilo-IV and the Xianzhou Loufu.

The best Herta build includes the team comp scenario.

Herta best team comp

The best team comp for Herta is:

Party member Role Light Cones Relics
Herta Sub DPS Night on the Milky Way Hunter of Glacial Forest, Inert Salsatto
Himeko Main DPS Night on the Milky Way Firesmith of Lava Forging, Inert Salsatto
Natasha Healer Time Waits for No One Passerby of Wandering Cloud, Sprightly Vonwacq
Asta Support But the Battle Isn’t Over Thief of Shooting Meteor, Talia Kingdom of Beauty

By pairing Herta with Himeko, the duo can pull off a frankly ridiculous number of Follow-Up attacks by juggling their unique Talents simultaneously. By initiating the fight and speeding up the team with our best Honkai Star Rail Asta build, we can shatter a number of fire-vulnerable foes with Asta’s skill, and follow it up with Himeko’s own straight after.

The aim is to trigger Himeko’s talent first after weakness breaking two or more enemies, which will then initiate Herta’s follow-up attacks directly afterward, mopping up whatever’s left and producing a situation where the enemy simply does not get a turn. Our best Honkai Star Rail Natasha build is simply included in case your squad needs a turn or two to get the Herta ball rolling, complete with some decent energy regeneration.

That just about does it for our best Honkai Star Rail Herta build. While certainly more situational, Herta’s critical spamming abilities are more than welcome on the right AoE team, but if counter strats are more your bag, be sure to check out our best Honkai Star Rail Clara build instead.