How to make Lego Fortnite wool fabric and craft a loom

Lego Fortnite wool is a crafting essential and has some very important uses, but you need to learn the harvesting technique to obtain it.

How to craft Lego Fortnite wool and loom: A lego sheep in front of a large green patch of grass in Lego Fortnite.

How do you craft Lego Fortnite wool fabric in a loom? You might have the clothes on your back, but you’re going to need to find fabric if you want to survive the wilderness in Lego Fortnite. Luckily, everything you need can be found in your surroundings, from food, to crafting materials, and even somewhere to rest for the night.

By now, you may have already obtained some of the Lego Fortnite animal items to kickstart your adventure. Wool, milk, and eggs are among the useful items you can get from simply petting passive mobs, but they can’t all be used in their organic form in the crafting game. Wool must be turned into thread and then fabric to use in crafting recipes, and this can only be done once you know how to craft a Lego Fortnite loom. With a few steps to master, we guide you through the process, including how to make a Lego Fortnite loom itself.

A Lego Fortnite player in a Ragsy skin stands next to a sheep in-game, the producer of Lego Fortnite wool.

How to craft Lego Fortnite wool thread

Lego Fortnite wool can’t be turned into wool fabric without first being refined into wool thread. To do so, craft a Lego Fortnite spinning wheel with the following materials:

  • Eight planks
  • Five wooden rods
  • Five wood
  • Five wolf claws

Once crafted, use the spinning wheel to turn one piece of wool into one wool thread. While wood is easy to obtain, planks and wooden rods must be crafted at a lumber mill, which you must craft yourself using wood and granite. Wolf claws are obtained by killing deadly wolves.

The organic base material of Lego Fortnite wool is easy to harvest in itself, and we just can’t get enough of it – the process that is, not the wool. To harvest Lego Fortnite wool, simply get close to a sheep and pet it using the action button.

A player crafts a loom in Lego Fortnite.

How to craft a Lego Fortnite loom

To craft a Lego Fortnite loom, you need the following materials:

  • Nine flexwood
  • Eight flexwood rods
  • Six sand claws

Unlike wolf claws, sand claws must be obtained from Dry Valley wolves specifically. Since Lego Fortnite flexwood, one of the loom crafting materials, can also be sourced from deserts, be sure to seek out a few wolves while you’re there.

The Lego Fortnite loom interface, showing the recipe for wool fabric.

How to craft Lego Fortnite wool fabric

With a loom in your Lego Fortnite village or base, you’re ready to craft wool fabric. Simply click on your shiny new loom to use it, and you’ll see the recipe for both wool fabric and silk fabric. Wool fabric costs five wool threads for each piece of fabric.

Plenty of Lego Fortnite recipes require wool, so once you know how to complete this process, you’ll have a host of new items at your disposal. While a Lego Fortnite glider is the only survival item that requires wool fabric to craft, wool thread is used in the crafting recipes for various protection charms. You can also utilize your wool fabric to make decorative items, and make your Lego Fortnite house feel a little more like home.

Where to find Lego Fortnite heavy wool

There’s another type of wool that you can find later in the game, which itself can be processed into heavy wool thread. To obtain heavy wool, you must level up your ‘friendship’ with your sheep. Keep the same sheep inside a pen in your village and pet them often. Eventually, they will begin to drop heavy wool.

To lure sheep into a pen, simply drop natural food items and plants like vines, berries, or pumpkins, and nearby sheep will run to it and eat. Use this to make a trail into a pen you’ve already laid out.

You can also find heavy wool in cave chests in snowy biomes, but as this takes more time and luck than raising your flock of sheep, we recommend the former option. That said, it won’t hurt to keep your eyes open if you happen to find yourself in the Lego Fortnite map‘s frostlands.

The large balloon recipe in Lego Fortnite, which requires the loom to make silk fabric.

Lego Fortnite silk fabric

Lego Fortnite silk fabric is also required to make a glider. Gather silk by killing pesky spiders and turn the silk pieces they drop into silk thread at your spinning wheel. Once you have silk thread, you can turn five pieces into one silk fabric using your loom. Silk thread is a must for increasing your health in the survival game, as it makes up part of some Health Charm recipes.

From hunting wolves, spiders, and sheep to building machines, a lot of work goes into crafting just your first piece of Lego Fortnite wool fabric. Wool is just one of the myriad resources around you as you explore the world around you. To forge Lego Fortnite weapons, you need to find some Lego Fortnite amber and knotroot, while Lego Fortnite marble can be used to make a gem cutter.