How to wake the Firsts in Minecraft Legends

Here’s where to find the four Firsts on the map, how to wake up each of these legendary units, and how they help you in battles against the Piglin.

Wondering how to wake up the Minecraft Legends Firsts? In your travels across the map, you may find the remains of one of the four fallen giants. Your guardians will talk to you and suggest you return to the Well of Fate to build an improvement.

You can get these extremely powerful Minecraft Legends mobs on your side, which is especially handy for tackling any of the main Piglin fortresses or boss battles in the RTS game. You will need to go through a few hoops to wake up the Minecraft Legends Firsts, but once you do, they’re always at your beck and call. Just make sure you increase the Minecraft Legends mob limit, as they will take a slot in the squad whenever you rally the troops.

Minecraft Legends Wake the Firsts Improvement

Upon discovering the remains of a First, the guardians will prompt you to return to the Well of Fate to create the Wake the Firsts Improvement. It costs 100 Gold and 100 Prismarine to build it, and you only need one to revive all four of these titans. Once you build it, return to the Firsts locations, which will appear on the in-game map once you discover their resting place, and spend the necessary resources to make a new friend. You shouldn’t need to get the ability to carry more resources to revive them, but having more Gold always helps.

Minecraft Legends Firsts locations

Even though the game randomises the map per campaign, the Firsts always spawn in the same type of Minecraft Legends biome. Incidentally, the locations of all of the Minecraft Legends mounts are also biome-specific. There are at least two areas for each biome on the map, so explore every corner to find them.

Here are all of the biomes where you can find the four Minecraft Legends Firsts:

  • First of Stone – Meadow (golem throws stones from afar at buildings and smashes enemies up close. Has a slow attack speed but packs a punch)
  • First of Brick – Dry Savannah (deploys a shield to protect allies from oncoming ranged attacks and attacks by stomping foes)
  • First of Oak – Badlands – (has a powerful long-range attack, similar to the Wood golems).
  • First of Diorite – Jagged Peaks (spawns other golems to aid in battle).

Firsts revival costs

In addition to buying the Wake the First Improvements, you’ll need to spend some extra resources to get them on your side. After reviving these titans, should you lose track of them or they die in battle, you can reunite with them at any village or the Well of Fate. Here are all of the Firsts revival costs:

  • First of Stone – 100 Gold and 500 Stone
  • First of Brick – 100 Gold and 125 Iron
  • First of Oak – 100 Gold and 500 Wood
  • First of Diorite – 100 Gold and 125 Coal

That’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Legends Firsts. Unfortunately, since only one of these units spawns on the map, it’s unlikely that you can get more than one of each type by playing Minecraft Legends co-op mode. However, it’s still worth playing this game with a friend, and you can check out our Minecraft Legends crossplay guide if you need a hand setting it up.