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Minecraft mod turns Endermen into Slendermen, and it’s terrifying

This Minecraft mod will help make the unsettling Endermen mobs more horrifying again, as the sandbox game needs a good boogeyman again

Minecraft mod turns Endermen into Slendermen, and it's terrifying. This image shows Rafiki holding Simba but with an Enderman head.

A Minecraft mod is a bit like Aladdin on a magic carpet because it can show you the world, as long as the world you want to see is some weird tweak to the sandbox game. There are mods for basically everything out there, but some of the most entertaining ones are those that tweak the original game in surprising ways, like this upcoming Endermen mod.

While there are big overhaul-style mods like this one that adds in Breath of the Wild mechanics as long as you know how to install Minecraft Forge 1.19, not everyone wants a huge change to Minecraft. Instead, a lot of players just want something more akin to a natural Minecraft experience, like with this underground rivers mod or, in the case of the Endermen mod, adjustments that change up how the in-game enemies behave.

We’re huge fans of mods that affect the existing Minecraft mobs because the designs are generally very good, but new behaviours can help refresh the game. The Endermen have always been one of the most unnerving enemies for the way they can teleport around, move blocks without warning, and just generally lurk out of sight like the most unwanted party guest. Despite their general bad vibe, they’re not really worth being scared of, but this upcoming mod aims to change that.

Since when can Endermen do THIS? from Minecraft

Ndm250 on Reddit posted up a video showing off some unusual Endermen behaviours, namely that the Enderman decided to grab the player and walk around for a bit before teleporting, which is in itself horrifying. It gets worse, though, as said creepy demon decides to yeet the player off of a cliff.

Needless to say, if all Endermen did this it’d make them a lot more than just an uncomfortable presence, so we’re excited to see this mod unleashed on the world whenever it finally releases. If you’re keen to know when that is, keeping an eye on NDM250 on Reddit, or just heading to PlanetMinecraft or CurseForge regularly should keep you up to date.

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