This Minecraft parkour mod basically turns it into Mirror’s Edge

A new Minecraft datapack lets you run, jump, and glide over rooftops, Mirror's Edge-style

Minecraft is a wondrous platform that makes many things possible. For example, the best Minecraft mods and creations out there have made things like Fall Guys-inspired levels, a Harry Potter Hogwarts castle, and even playing Minecraft on a PC in Minecraft possible. Now, you can basically turn the block-builder into one of the most iconic action-adventure games around, thanks to a new mod.

User MemeBoiCrep has posted a clip of a “parkour datapack which includes climbing edges, wall running, (and much more)” in action on the sandbox game’s subreddit. As you can see below, you can see the player haring around rooftops, launching themselves between platforms using slabs, and using a new climbing feature that lets you scramble back up to ledges when you fall off.

Once faced with a long horizontal ledge to scale, the player’s able to wall-run it, Titanfall-style, before landing safely on a rooftop far below, reducing damage by holding the shift button down. Plus, the datapack adds the ability to ‘pipe climb’ – or, brick wall climb, given Minecraft’s lack of pipes – which lets you clamber vertically upwards and creep around corners, easy-peasy.

As you can see below, the effect basically recreates Mirror’s Edge in Minecraft, which the modder says the pack’s based on:

I made a parkour datapack which includes climbing edges, wall running (and much more) from Minecraft

The creator adds in a comment that the pack additionally includes a “zipline feature” that the video doesn’t showcase. So, it sounds like it can kind of be Tomb Raider, too. They also explain it’s “made for Java 1.16 versions, tested in 1.16.1”.

You can find out how to grab the pack for yourself via the modder’s comment here (it’s worth noting the creator says it “doesn’t work well with snow and magenta glass blocks, and it may have bugs”.) As ever, mod at your own risk! And go take a look at our Minecraft mapsMinecraft servers, and Minecraft tower designs lists if you’re keen to find out what else is possible.