Minecraft sniffer mob is coming to the game with a decisive victory

The Minecraft sniffer mob will be coming to the sandbox game in the future thanks to a huge surge of popularity and an awful lot of votes

Minecraft sniffer mob. This image shows two little humans next to the sniffer.

The Minecraft sniffer mob is the one that came out victorious in Minecraft Live 2022 as the next fan-selected creature to enter the sandbox game. The Minecraft mob vote is a great chance for players to change how the game moves on, and this time around the victory was overwhelming.

If you’re not familiar with the three options in this year’s Minecraft Live, then you need to meet the sniffer, the rascal and the tuff golem. Each of these Minecraft mobs has different characteristics and purposes, and Reddit was abuzz with posts in favour of all of them, but it did feel as though there was a clear frontrunner in the sniffer.

Of course, we all know that trying to predict the outcome of a vote ahead of the actual vote is foolish, so while the sniffer was undoubtedly popular, we’re not sure anybody expected it to win by such a large margin. In fact, the official Minecraft Twitter account announced that the final results were the tuff golem at 17.2% of the vote, the rascal at 27.7%, and the sniffer coming out on top with a massive 55.1% of the popular vote.

That number is so high that it’s literally more than both of the other options combined, and it means we’ll definitely be getting the sniffer in an update at some point. The last mob vote was in favour of the Minecraft allay, which is already one of our favourite critters in the game, and also has a few uses too. The sniffer might not be quite as useful, but it’s definitely cute.

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