The best Minecraft YouTubers

These our our favorite Minecraft YouTubers, from those specializing in epic builds to those that entertain us with hardcore runs and mod showcases.

Steve and Alex are emerging from a portal with a pig, chicken, wolf, and golem to try and find the best Minecraft Youtubers. The YouTube logo is to their right.

Who are the best Minecraft YouTubers? Ever since the blockbuster indie game Minecraft was originally released back in 2009, we’ve watched empires of blocks rise and fall on YouTube as players share their adventures with the world. There are innumerable Minecraft content creators on YouTube – and we can see why: the wildly popular sandbox game has a wealth of potential for creating entertaining videos that cater to all kinds of audiences.

There are thousands of Minecraft YouTubers out there sharing meticulously composed Minecraft builds, exploring fun Minecraft servers with their friends, discovering weird and wonderful Minecraft mods, publishing Minecraft tutorials, let’s plays, or even racing to complete the sandbox game as fast as humanly possible. If you’re looking for brand-new blocky entertainment, we’ve headed down into the mines to find a range of creators who offer all kinds of Minecraft videos.

Here are the best Minecraft YouTubers:

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TrixyBlox is known for his massive, awe-inspiring Minecraft builds. His videos include hundreds of hours of hand-built Minecraft creations, condensed together via timelapse and narration illustrating his creative process. His builds are astonishingly creative, incorporating influences from film, other games, and his fantastic ideas. It’s truly fascinating to watch his ideas come to life – and if his videos have sparked your creative urges and you’re eager to build yourself, he’s got a video of 50 Building Tips & Tricks to get you started.

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If you’re brand new to Minecraft, or you want to learn more about how the game works, Pixlriffs’ Minecraft Survival Guide goes into meticulous detail about pretty much everything there is to know about the game – he’s like a Minecraft encyclopedia. His channel also contains cool build tutorials and Let’s Play series of various maps, with the occasional mod showcase thrown in for good measure.

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Famous for his five-year Minecraft hardcore run – which sadly ended after a dramatic showdown with a baby zombie – Philza is a highly entertaining YouTuber and Twitch Streamer who is in the midst of his fourth hardcore run. Though he’s not suitable for younger viewers, there’s plenty to learn from Philza’s wealth of experience – and of course, the stakes are high as Philza attempts to survive the wrath of the Minecraft mobs who are out to ruin his run.

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Viggoman Plays

A must-watch for any Minecraft builders, Viggoman is widely respected for his incredible creations. Most of his videos are captivating timelapse builds of lovingly detailed medieval Minecraft castles, villages, and forts – though he does have an ongoing Minecraft Survival Multiplayer playthrough, where he builds smaller projects with friends. There are also several helpful tutorials with simple, stylish builds viewers can follow along with, including several charming Minecraft houses.

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Dream is one of the biggest Minecraft content creators on YouTube, after an astronomical rise in popularity last year – and that’s all down to his incredibly entertaining and creative video ideas, such as ‘three people control one player’ – self-explanatory, we hope – and ‘Speedrunner vs. Hunter’ where Dream attempts to complete a speedrun while being chased by one of his friends.

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HermitCraft isn’t a channel in itself – it’s a Minecraft server populated with a group of Minecraft YouTubers that’s been running since way back in 2012. It’s evolved over the years into a YouTube family of a select group of ‘Hermits’, who stream and upload videos of their HermitCraft adventures to their respective channels.

The most famous HermitCrafters are Mumbo Jumbo and Grian, but all the Hermits are knowledgeable, entertaining, and dedicated to making the HermitCraft server a fun and wholesome experience.

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MrCrayfish is a creator of several mods and uploads videos of his cool new creations to YouTube. You may have heard of MrCrayfish’s Minecraft furniture mod, which adds over 80 new furniture items to the game – he’s also created a ton of other mods, including backpacks, vehicles, and perhaps most importantly, a mod that allows you to pet your tamed wolf. He’s also uploaded tutorials explaining how to create custom tools yourself – great for budding Minecraft modders.

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Illumina is one of the best Minecraft speedrunners – players who compete to complete the game as fast as possible. The speedrun category Illumina competes in – Any% random seed glitchless – is particularly exciting, as a random Minecraft seed is generated each run, which the player must explore and adapt to, constructing a strategy on the fly. If you’re interested in learning more, we conducted a Minecraft speedrun interview with Illumina himself back in 2019.

There you have it – the best Minecraft YouTubers out there at the moment. After a long day watching Minecraft YouTube videos, if you fancy hopping into the game yourself, we suggest accessorizing with one of these Minecraft skins – or trying out a new Minecraft texture pack.