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The best New World fire staff build for PvP and PvE

The most powerful skills and weapon combinations for the New World fire staff

A fire staff user igniting a corrupted enemy using the best build.

Want to know what the best New World fire staff builds are for PvP and PvE? After spending some time with the new MMO game, and we’ve concluded that magic weapons such as the fire staff are among the best New World weapons in the game right now. It’s an excellent option for those who want to dish out a ton of damage in the DPS role.

When it comes to building a loadout for New World, you will need to spend time levelling up weapons, carefully assigning attribute points, and making choices for which skills you’re going to use in battle. Weapons that share a common attribute synergise particularly well. You’d naturally think that magic weapons like fire staves and ice gauntlets work well together, and they do, but there are also a few other weapons that synergise well when built correctly, so there are more viable options than you may think.

Fire staves are, of course, not the only weapon option in New World. We have guides for the best New World tank build, using the sword and shield, the best New World rapier build, and the best New World hatchet build if you’d rather spec into a more melee-focused DPS build. This guide will go over both the best fire staff PvP build and the best fire staff PvE build.

The best New World fire staff PVP build

The best PvP build for PvP is the fire staff and rapier. This DPS build primarily uses the fire staff as a ranged attack or a last-ditch effort to get out of danger, while the rapier is your main weapon for dealing damage.

You should mostly spend your attribute points on intelligence, since your fire staff uses it as a primary attribute and the rapier uses it as a secondary attribute. We recommend leveling constitution to at least 50 before taking intelligence past 100, and focusing on constitution once intelligence is at max level. You should also wear light armour to keep your equipment load light to dodge enemy attacks. To give you a representation of which skills to level up into, we’ve used the New World fans build tool to put together the build graphics.

The fire staff tree abilities we recommend taking are:

  • Fireball – in this build, the fireball is mostly for striking enemies at range. If your enemies are some distance away, you can use this to sneak in some initial burn damage.
  • Incinerate – if things are getting a bit too hot for you, you can use incinerate to dish out massive explosion’s worth of damage to an enemy while you back away and find a healer to recover your health.
  • Burn Out – when used in combination with incinerate, you can pass through an enemy. You can also use this along with fleche for increased mobility around the battlefield and quick damage.

For the rapier, we suggest you choose:

  • Evade – this skill makes the rapier one of the best weapons in the game since light attacks are even faster, and you gain additional benefits to movement, stamina recovery, and light attack power with the passives.
  • Flurry – provided you’re good at dodging, this skill can be a good way to get a chunk of damage on an enemy while the enemy’s stamina is low or they’re out of mana.
  • Fleche – use this to close the distance quickly and get a burst of damage on a weakened foe. If you have the passive Quick Lunge, killing an enemy reduces Fleche’s cooldown by 80%.

The best New World fire staff PVE build

Fire staff is great in PvP, but its high damage output is also extremely valuable in PvE situations. For PvE, we recommend the fire staff and ice gauntlet. This build uses your skills to do lots of damage to your enemies at once. Keep your distance and try to attack groups of enemies whenever you can, as most of your skills have area-of-effect damage.

You want to maximise your intelligence since both of your weapons use this stat as their primary attribute. Instead, you could opt to have most of your attribute points in intelligence and put the rest in constitution for a bit more health. Your gear should be light armour so that you can dodge powerful enemy attacks with ease.

The abilities we recommend taking for the fire staff tree are:

  • Fireball – the three-metre burning field does 10% of your weapon damage per second. Combining this with the Scorched Earth passive makes it last nine seconds. However, any direct hits do more damage, and thanks to the Catch passive also restore 10% of your mana and reduce fire staff cooldowns by 7%.
  • Incinerate – this is your other main ability as it causes an explosion that does decent damage to enemies in its area of effect. The passives for this ability make it hit twice, cause additional stacks of burning per hit, and gives 20% of the damage dealt to enemies as health back to you.
  • Flamethrower – while the other two skills are recharging, you can use this ability to keep burning enemies. Make sure you pick up the passive that reduces the cooldown of this skill to zero.

As for your other weapon, the ice gauntlet, take the following abilities:

  • Ice Pylon – this is a totem that you can place down on the ground while you’re casting other spells. Its frost radius also restores three mana and reduces active cooldowns for ice abilities by 20% for each spell you cast in its radius.
  • Ice Spikes – the spikes start from the player and go out in a straight line for eight metres. A bigger spike that does more weapon damage appears at the end of the trail, but you can click the left mouse button to trigger the bigger spike early. This skill is perhaps the most challenging skill of the build to use, but the passives make it worth it should the final spike hit an enemy.
  • Ice Storm – this is your area of effect spell that slows down enemies, and thanks to the passives, its effectiveness is increased if more enemies are in its range. As you’ll likely have Storm Summoner, it’s a great opener in combat as its mana cost is reduced by 80% if you have full mana.

You should now know everything about the best fire staff builds in New World. If you need a bit of extra help, do check out our New World PvP guide, our New World beginner’s guide, and our New World leveling guide. If you’re interested in trying out the newest weapon, check our New World Void Gauntlet build guide.