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Shanghai Dragons: Overwatch League's sole Chinese team

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The Shanghai Dragons, the only team to come from the Chinese region or feature any Chinese players, will debut in the first season of the league as part of the Pacific Division. Here's everything we know about them.

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Shanghai Dragons team information

  • Owners: NetEase
    • NetEase have been Blizzard's publishing partner in China for a long time, and are one of few Chinese gaming companies that hold a candle to the world-dominating Tencent. They distribute Blizzard's games in the country, including Overwatch, and likely were first call for any Chinese Overwatch team.
  • Division: Pacific
  • Social links: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Weibo

Shanghai Dragons roster

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The Dragons roster is a mix of members from various Chinese teams, the largest group being from LGD Gaming. They've all had some success in Chinese and APAC regional tournaments, but it's mostly unknown how they will compete on the main stage. Several members were a part of the Chinese national squad that competed in the 2017 World Cup, falling to France in the round of eight.

  • Lu 'Diya' Weida, DPS, China
  • Fang 'Undead' Chao, DPS, China
  • Liu 'Xushu' Junjie, Tank / Flex, China
  • Jing 'Roshan' Wenhao, Tank, China
  • Wu 'MG' Dongjian, Tank, China
  • Cheng 'Altering' Yage, Support, China
  • Chen 'Fiveking' Zhaoyu, Support, China
  • Xu 'Freefeel' Peixuan, Support, China

There are yet to be any announcements regarding coaching staff for the Shanghai Dragons. LGD did have several coaching and analyst staff, but are also a larger organisation that may have repurposed them rather than letting them move on to the Dragons.

Shanghai Dragons skins

Shanghai Dragons skins

The Dragons team skins and jersey use a red, black, and gold pallette. Here's their jersey and t-shirt:

Like all team jerseys and t-shirts, these are purchasable on the Blizzard gear store.

Shanghai Dragons schedule


Heading into preseason it was basically unknown how good the Chinese players were versus counterparts from other regions. Their 0-2 performance would suggest not great - though one of those losses were to super-favourites Seoul Dynasty. Their loss to Boston is less excusable, and one they no doubt will want to rectify going into the main event.

Season One - Stage One

Stage one title matches will be the following days on Sunday, February 9 at 09:00 or 11:00 CST - likely the later slot as that is the purpose of the Pacific Division. The Dynasty are very likely to be part of these proceedings.

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