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San Francisco Shock: Overwatch League’s California underdogs

San Francisco Shock Overwatch team roster

The San Francisco Shock, one of three California-based teams and one of the few with a non-Korean roster, will debut in the first season of the league as part of the Pacific Division. Here’s everything we know about them.

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San Francisco Shock team information

  • Owners: NRG Esports
    • NRG have been on the esports scene for a relatively short period, but have held rosters in a number of games. While League of Legends and CS:GO are their focus, they also won the Smite World Championships 2017 and have seen success in Rocket League and Hearthstone.
  • Division: Pacific
  • Social links:Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

San Francisco Shock roster

The Shock roster is a mishmash of players from various teams and nations. Several played in the World Cup but many are mostly untested in high-level competition, and only one has Apex experience. Almost none of them have played together recently, so it will be interesting to see if they can surprise during the inaugural season.

  • André ‘IDDQD’ Dahlström, DPS, Sweden
  • Dante ‘Danteh’ Cruz, DPS/Flex, USA
  • Andrej ‘Babybay’ Francisty, Flex/DPS,USA
  • Nikola ‘Sleepy’ Andrews, Support, USA
  • Daniel ‘dhaK’ Martinez Paz, Support, Spain
  • David ‘Nomy’ Ramirez, Tank, Mexico
  • Andreas ‘Nevix’ Karlsson, DPS, Sweden

Additionally, Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won (DPS, USA) and Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi (Flex, USA) are signed to join the team when they reach the minimum required age of 18. Blizzard have a small interview with Sinatraa about his time playing and his advice for getting good – play a lot is the main tip, believe it or not.

Management includes Brad Rajani as head coach, Andrew ‘Zwei’ Baker as manager and Brett ‘Brettbox’ Lautenbach as President. Previous manager Maxwell ‘Hotaruz’ Bateman was fired in late 2017 after sexual assault allegations.

Iddqd had the third episode of the Heroes Born introductory series. He plays Overwatch in the snow, flips his table and then lights a pyre with a burning axe:

San Francisco Shock skins

San Francisco Shock skins

The Shock team skins and jersey use a orange, green, and gold palette, reminiscent of the Golden Gate bridge. Here’s their jersey and t-shirt:

Like all team jerseys and t-shirts, these are purchasable on theBlizzard gear store.