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Silent Hill 2 and MGS 3 remake almost here, according to new teaser

A new teaser trailer from Sony showcasing upcoming 2024 games seemingly reveals a release window for Silent Hill 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3.

Silent Hill 2 remake release: A man stares ahead solemnly, his hands gripping a rope in front of his head

Silent Hill 2 isn’t here just yet, but we all want it to be. Konami’s huge remake has been on our minds since we first caught its reveal back in 2022, but it isn’t the only exciting re-release coming from the behemoth developer. Metal Gear Solid 3 is also underway, and both remakes have just received a possible release window thanks to Sony’s teaser trailer featuring games launching in 2024.

That’s right, we may see Silent Hill 2 and its revised combat system come to fruition quite soon. The survival horror game based on the iconic 2001 classic has had us all chomping at the bit for news since Konami officially announced it back in October 2022 following months of speculation. The Silent Hill 2 remake is definitely not canceled, but fans did briefly grow worried that it could be after an eerily quiet period with no word on the launch or a proposed date.

Following the most recent Silent Hill 2 remake update, Sony now reveals that two of Konami’s most highly anticipated games may drop in 2024. A teaser trailer shows the Silent Hill sequel as well as Metal Gear Solid 3 and renders the two remasters both “upcoming games” this year. As you likely expect, commenters are expressing their excitement at the alleged quiet reveal.

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One fan voices our thoughts ever-so-eloquently and exclaims, “MGS3 REMAKE THIS YEAR YESSS THANK YOU SO MUCH KONAMI AND SONY,” while another praises the teaser and says that they’re happy there is “finally” new “official info on Silent Hill 2.” No direct word has come from Konami or either of the games’ social media accounts just yet, but this could be our first true glimpse at the Silent Hill 2 release date.

If the video from Sony’s official PlayStation channel proves to ring true, we could experience James and Mary’s emotional story soon. 2024 did only roll around recently but with this possible release window, we only have up to a year more worth of waiting. The Metal Gear Solid 3 reveal is big on its own too, since it feels as though we just learned the remake is real.

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