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Solo Leveling Arise guide

Now that the Solo Leveling Arise release date is here, we've got all the latest news and guides to help you get started in the gacha game.

Solo Leveling Arise release date: Sung Jinwoo has dark hair, blue eyes, and wields a golden blade

Looking for Solo Leveling Arise guides? The latest gacha game from Netmarble is finally here, and we’ve got all the guides you’ll ever need to succeed. We’ve got the latest codes, a tier list, and even boss strategies to help you blast through content without spending a fortune.

Based on the viral web novel from author Chugong, Solo Leveling Arise stars protagonist Sung Jinwoo, the weakest monster hunter of all mankind. However, after an unlikely encounter in a deadly dungeon, this E-Rank hunter discovers how to ‘level up’ and beat the odds. You can see how the gacha game stacks up against the best in its genre in our Solo Leveling Arise review. Alternatively, read on to discover all you need to know about the Korean RPG.

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Solo Leveling Arise release date

Solo Leveling Arise was released on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. You can download the game via the official website, with the Steam version coming at a later date. 

More than 12 million players eagerly signed up for the Solo Leveling Arise pre-registration prior to the launch date. The milestone bonuses include an exclusive outfit for Sung Jinwoo, the chic suit, as well as a Legendary Artifacts set and the Yoo Jinho character.

Solo Leveling Arise guides

Here are all the Solo Leveling Arise guides you need to help you get started in the RPG game, as well as how to overcome a few tough quests and bosses that appear in the main story.

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Solo Leveling Arise trailers

The pre-registration trailer delves into the history of the series as a whole. As the most viewed and subscribed webtoon in North America, China, Japan, and Korea, it’s been viewed more than 14.3 billion times. The trailer also shows our protagonist, Sung Jinwoo, hurling a blade at the feet of an overgrown enemy engulfed in flames.

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The first main promo video from shows in-game footage of the environment. As Sung Jinwoo dodges and leaps over enemies, he encounters a huge bloodstained dragon, which he bounds towards before plunging his blade into its flesh.

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The focus group highlights video details player feedback after a limited-time playtest. Successful playtest applicants praised the complex battle scenes, variety of weapons, and ability to connect with the hunter protagonist. It also includes gameplay featuring bosses and enemies with rapidly depleting health bars as players pummel them with a variety of attacks.

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