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Starfield Barrett companion guide

You’ll meet a lot of people as you make your way across the galaxy, but who is Barrett, and how important is he to the Starfield story?

Who is Starfield Barrett? Space travel can be a lonely business. Blasting from planet to planet, getting into adventures, passing the time on your ship – the process can begin to wear thin if you don’t have anyone to share the experience with. That’s why you should really think about picking up a few crewmates; friendship and a couple of extra guns at your side could help tip the balance in your favor.

You can recruit many Starfield companions, and you might want to give the makeup of your crew some thought before the Starfield release date is upon us. Some members are great fighters, some can be left to man Starfield outposts, while others can supply you with much nicer food to chow down on – it’s really up to you what kind of captain you want to be. Here’s the rundown of Barrett, and what he can offer you and your band of adventurers.

Starfield Barrett: a man wearing a spacesuit walks towards another with his arms outstretched.

Starfield Barrett background

According to this tweet from the official Starfield account, Barrett is an adventurer, scientist, explorer, and a friendly face you’ll come across in Constellation. He looks to be one of the first people you meet from the Constellation faction. In a follow-up tweet, Bethesda confirms that Barrett was a physicist in the Starfield United Colonies faction, which helps explain some of his skills below, but he’s someone who prefers to be out in the open that stuck in a stuffy lab. Barrett is voiced in the Starfield cast by Barry Wiggins.

Starfield Barrett: a man wearing a spaceship with the visor down.

Starfield Barrett stats

Here are Barrett’s key stats:

  • Starship Engineering (four star)
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems (three star)
  • Robotics (two star)
  • Gastronomy (one star)

Not only is Barrett going to be vital in keeping your ship in the air, but he has advanced knowledge on beam weapons, and can also rustle up a mean Starfield sandwich. What more could you want?

Now that you know about Barrett, it’s up to you whether you want him on your ship or not. We also have companion guides on Starfield VASCO and Starfield Sarah Morgan, and of course, each of the Starfield factions you may encounter as you tear across the night sky.

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