Starfield VASCO companion guide

Starfield’s VASCO is the ideal companion for any robot fans out there in the Settled Systems, aiding exploration with ample carry capacity and bonus firepower.

Starfield VASCO obot companion on a background of stars on a blue sky.

Who is VASCO in Starfield? Don’t let his utilitarian facade and genial conversation fool you; this Lunar Robotics creation is your go-to companion when it comes to exploration. It’s no secret that VASCO’s our favorite here at PCGamesN, but if you’re still on the fence, we’ve collated all his primary skills and attributes into one handy guide, to help you decide if you should keep him around for the long haul.

A human companion is all well and good, but sometimes you might want to keep a well-oiled machine by your side as you explore everything Starfield has to offer. It’s currently unclear where VASCO’s construction appears on the official Starfield timeline, but his battered chassis certainly suggests he’s been in active service for several decades. He might give us useful context during Starfield missions, especially when visiting new Starfield cities and getting into more than a few scrapes.

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Starfield VASCO background

VASCO is a Starfield Constellation expeditionary robot that’s already carved out a reputation for himself as a fan favorite in the Settled Systems. Unlike the Starfield Adoring Fan, VASCO is a highly capable Starfield companion. Despite being one of the earliest models of robot, he was brought up to date by Malcolm Livingstone, who kitted him out in the latest tech. He’s specifically designed for space exploration, making him a boon if you’re harvesting materials on distant planets. You can also use him to stock up on any surplus Starfield armor and Starfield guns to perform a quick loadout swap if required.

Jake Green is the voice behind the robot companion, bringing VASCO to life as part of the Starfield cast. VASCO is a loyal companion, and his team members are like his family, so he’s a valuable and trusted friend to have by your side.

Starfield's VASCO in the middle of a pile of human corpses, standing in an unassuming manner after combat.

VASCO skills

VASCO is overwhelmingly built for utility over artillery. His additional carry capacity is a surefire way to relieve your encumbrance when out in the field, giving you more inventory space to further your flourishing career as a Starfield sandwich bandit – or whatever Starfield food you might choose.

VASCO also comes equipped with a rifle attachment and laser sights to take down any hostile Starfield creatures or Starfield faction members that may cross your path.

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