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Starfield Sarah Morgan companion guide

Girl boss Sarah Morgan is one of the many Starfield NPCs you encounter on your space exploration, and you can even get her to join you.

A close up on the face of Starfield's Sarah Morgan, the commander of the Constellation team.

Who is Sarah Morgan in Starfield? During your time exploring the planets in the biggest space adventure this year, you can meet, hire, and even romance a number of interesting NPCs. Sarah Morgan is just one of your new friends, and we’ve pulled up her Constellation employee profile to find out more.

It’s wise to start planning your space adventure ahead of the Starfield release date, as the upcoming RPG game spans hundreds of procedurally generated planets, each with their own vast Starfield cities and engaging quests, so there’s a lot to get used to. In each of those cities are a weird and wonderful bunch of Starfield creatures, Starfield companions, and other NPCs, some of which can be invited on board your custom Starfield ship to join you. One of those Starfield characters is Sarah Morgan, and here’s what we know about her.

Sarah Morgan background

Sarah Morgan runs Constellation, a Starfield exploration team, and as such is found at the Constellation headquarters in New Atlantis, on Jemison. Sarah joins you as you embark on a quest to locate a mysterious artifact.

Once Sarah joins your team after meeting her in New Atlantis, you will have a chance to embark on a Starfield romance with the NPC if you play your cards right, but let’s hope you don’t make things awkward while you’re stuck on a spaceship together.

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Sarah Morgan skills

Sarah Morgan’s individual skill stats are:

  • Astrodynamics (four star)
  • Lasers (three star)
  • Leadership (two star)
  • Botany (one star)

We’re a little disappointed that the leader of such a legendary organization doesn’t have a higher rank for the leadership quality, but at least her incredible knowledge of Astrodynamics and Lasers could come in handy, as Sarah deals increased damage with laser weapons. You can find out more about Starfield skills in the deep dive video above.

A closeup of Sarah Morgan taken from her in-game character profile and shared on the official Starfield Twitter account.

Voiced in the Starfield cast by Death Stranding’s Emily O’Brien, Morgan seems like a pretty decent leader and honorable space explorer, especially if this recent tweet, demonstrating more of Sarah’s personality is anything to go by.

As you await you first steps into space in Starfield, try its competitors out for size in some of our other favorite space games. Still looking for more on Starfield? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.