Pleasing your Starfield companions just got a whole lot easier

This new Starfield companion affinity mod feels like a real Bethesda update, and it makes tracking the game relationships much easier.

Starfield companion affinity mod: a woman in a dark blue dress with dark shoulder length hair

Starfield mods continue to enhance and overhaul the Bethesda RPG’s base mechanics in such a way that I can’t help but recommend what the community is putting time into. This time it’s all about companion affinity, as a new system makes it much easier to track how your four key companions feel about you, and it looks like something Bethesda itself would make and put into the game.

The Visible Companion Affinity Starfield mod from ‘CDante’ is a more expansive version of a similar Fallout 4 project from back in the day, with the simple proposition of helping you monitor all your companion affinity metrics from within the RPG game itself.

So if you want an in-universe way to make Starfield romances easier, this is the mod for you. The first key change is how, on top of being told if a companion liked or disliked what you said or did, you also get a percentage value of the change. So you can see how much affinity they currently have as a 100% value, and how much that’s gone up or down by as well.

You can also check this percentage affinity level simply by talking to your Starfield companions instead of waiting for the pop-up too. So you don’t have to wait for Andreja, Sarah, Sam, or Barrett to react to something you do.

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There’s also a handheld companion affinity terminal that gets put in your inventory. You’ll get a much more detailed look at the affinity events and how they feel about you in this terminal, but it will only show you the last ten affinity events after you’ve installed the mod. It doesn’t work retroactively, sadly.

I like this mod so much not only because of how simple it is, but also because everything about CDante’s presentation makes it feel less like a mod and more like an official feature. I’m never really a fan of aimlessly trying to remember what my companions do or don’t like when trying to get on their good side, so the log is a perfect way to evaluate their history to inform your next decision.

You can find the mod here, and learn all about the features and compatibility at the same time.

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