Starfield magazine upgrades explained

If you want to upgrade your character without having to collect loads of experience points, go on the hunt for Starfield magazines to gain instant upgrades.

An issue of the Starfield magazines Constellation guide 01 and Grunt issue 07 on a blurred background

Want to know what Starfield magazines do? Hidden across the universe are unique Starfield magazines that contain instant stat upgrades as soon as you read them. Fallout fans may recognize this mechanic in the form of magazines that offer benefits in the form of perks and skills. The upgrade you receive from reading a Starfield magazine is permanent, so you can proudly display the magazine in your ship after you read it, or sell it to a vendor to earn extra credits.

We’re unsure exactly how many Starfield magazines are scattered throughout the universe, but if Fallout 4 is anything to go by, there could be over 100 magazines to find. Given the number of Starfield skills on offer, you’re going to want to collect these items to create the best Starfield builds. With the Starfield release date rapidly approaching, it’s worth knowing the whereabouts of these magazines so you don’t have to backtrack on your intergalactic journey.

Starfield magazine upgrades

Here’s a list of every Starfield magazine we know about so far, including what upgrade it provides when you pick it up:

Starfield Magazine Issue Upgrade
Constellation Guide 01 Permanently reduces fall damage by 5%.
Combatech Catalog 02 Slightly increases the range and accuracy of CombaTech weapons.
Combatech Catalog 05 Slightly increases the range and accuracy of CombaTech weapons.
Grunt Issue 07 Ballistic weapons permanently do 5% more critical damage.
Mining Monthly 01 Permanently increases tool-grip weapon damage by 2%.
Mining Monthly 05 Permanently increases tool-grip weapon damage by an additional 2%.
Peak Performance 01 Permanently increases carrying capacity by 5kg.
The New Atlantian 01 Permanently grants the recipe for The Deep food item.
Trackers Primer 02 Permanently increases ballistic weapon damage by 5%.
Trackers Primer 05 Permanently increases EM weapon damage by 5%.
UC Defense Manual 04 Slightly increases magazine size and weapon bash critical change for all Allied Armaments guns.

And that’s all you need to know about Starfield magazines. On a related note, you may want to check out our list of Starfield guns to see if you’ve tracked down the best weapons the RPG game has to offer. If you’re wondering how long Starfield is, we also have a handy list of the Starfield missions to track your main campaign progress.

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