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Where are your parents in Starfield?

If you pick the Kid Stuff trait, your parents will be alive and well in Starfield, but finding them is another matter entirely in the vast galaxy.

Starfieldn parents location: Talking to dad

Where are your parents in Starfield? Finding the location of your folks in Starfield is only possible if you choose the Kid Stuff trait, as they won’t exist otherwise, but despite this, you’re not made aware of how to find them straight away.

While your parents cannot become your Starfield companions like the Adoring Fan can – who exists thanks to another one of the many Starfield traits – they can be found alive and well, and will even offer you gifts. Here’s where to find the Starfield parents location and the benefits – and drawbacks – that entails.

Starfield parents location: Pioneer Tower

Starfield parents location

Your Starfield parents can be found at the top of Pioneer Tower in New Atlantis, which is right next to the Residential District fast travel/NAT station. Simply head over to Pioneer Tower and take the elevator to their apartment, then walk in the door. They’ll both greet you lovingly, while your mom will ask some prying questions about your love life. As you’ll likely do this right at the start of the game, chances are you haven’t had a chance to foster any Starfield romance just yet.

Before doing this however, you musy play through the game until you complete the main mission The Old Neighborhood with the Starfield Constellation faction. Once this is finished and you return to The Lodge in New Atlantis, Noel will hand you a note that your dad dropped off. Only then can you go and meet your parents for what is technically the first time.

Starfield parents location: Talking to mom

The Kid Stuff trait has some pros and cons. The main downside is that you automatically send them 2% of your credits every week, however this appears to cap at 500 credits each time. On the plus side, it opens up plenty of new dialogue and conversations with both of your parents, and they will also give you gifts. So far I’ve received Sir Livingston’s Pistol, which is a .45 caliber Earth handgun, a recipe for meatloaf, grandma’s old spacesuit from when she was a UC Marine, and even an entire Starfield ship called the Wanderwell, which has a huge cargo capacity of 800.

That’s everything there is to know about your Starfield parents and their location. Make sure you’re fully caught up on how to build Starfield outposts, along with all of the Starfield research projects.

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