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Starfield’s Sam Coe actor says he played him as bisexual

Starfield's Sam Coe, played by Deus Ex Adam Jensen actor Elias Toufexis, has outlined how he played the former space cowboy as bisexual.

Starfield Sam Coe bisexual: a man with a brown jacket, short beard, and a vowboy hat with long hair peeking out from behind his ears

Starfield is an RPG game with an incredibly large and colorful cast of characters, all portrayed by brilliant actors at the top of their game. One such character is Starfield’s Sam Coe, portrayed by Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen, Elias Toufexis, and he’s outlined how he actually played the character as bisexual.

Actor Elias Toufexis outlined how he played Starfield’s resident caring cowboy in a quote tweet reply to another user, who called it “gross” that you can flirt with Sam Coe while playing as a male character. Toufexis responded by saying “Actually, I played Sam as bisexual.”

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While playing Starfield you might actually recognize the voice of Coe, as Toufexis also played the Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen, alongside Leonidas in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and a slew of major and minor roles in series like Call of Duty, Fallout, and much more. The Starfield voice cast is a big one too, so I’m sure you’ll see some more great actors you recognize.

Toufexis has also made it clear that they want a new Deus Ex game, alongside the fact that, so far, “no one [has] called” about the possibility of a sequel starring Adam Jensen. Honestly, I’d love to see Deus Ex make a return in whatever form it can, and hope Toufexis can be a part of that.

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