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Starfield stealing can have a 100% success rate with this trick

Like every other Bethesda game, Starfield lets you steal almost anything, but one player has found a way to take whatever they want without consequence.

Starfield stealing

Starfield has a lot of the Bethesda RPG game DNA we all know and love. I’ve seen some jank, guys trapped in walls, and quests that bug out that I can’t finish, but there are also a lot of really great emergent moments too. One that I hadn’t considered, but has already been found, is the absolute best way to steal whatever you want before the Starfield release date with zero consequences.

I saw this “advanced stealing method” over on Reddit, as user ‘Dave78905’ (great name btw) shares a short clip of how you can, 100% of the time, always succeed in stealing, even if you don’t have a great Starfield stealth build.

Now, you could just go undetected and take any item you please, but if you’re on a busy shop floor that can prove to be very, very difficult. You could move the item in-game too, but you’ll more than likely get caught. So this is where the most Bethesda of Bethesda solutions comes in.

Basically, grab a fairly large item and take to the item you want to steal, and then push the item as far as you need to and get to a quiet space. Now, where no one can see you, steal the item. Simple.

Starfield advanced stealing method
by u/Dave78905 in Starfield

Is this dumb? Yes. Does it work though? Also yes. For me, this is exactly what a Bethesda RPG is all about, as it’s not like the team made a mistake or that it’s a bug, but rather the systems all put in place working in a way no one expected. Is Starfield an immersive sim? Well, almost!

The beauty here is that not a single Starfield console command or cheat was used, so you’re not breaking the game or playing in an unintended way at all. If it’s not a bug it’s a feature I guess.

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