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Make Starfield look stellar with these texture pack mods

Even though it has only been in early access for a while, we're already seeing Starfield texture pack mods appear, improving performance and image quality.

Starfield texture pack mods

As a Bethesda RPG, there are expectations from some gamers that Starfield will be beset with as many bugs and glitches post-launch as there are stars in the sky. Of course, no PC game is exempt from these kinds of problems, which is why modding communities thrive in the PC gaming space. An ever-reliable source for quick fixes and even overall game improvements, this time the community has acted fast to release some improved Starfield texture pack mods.

Spotted over on Nexus Mods, the ‘Starfield Performance Texture Pack’, created by user BulwarkHD, is one of the first texture pack mods to be spotted on the platform. This pack aims to optimize textures for low-end PCs, and was developed by forcibly downscaling all available textures within the game.

While we haven’t had the opportunity to put this texture pack into practice, the comparison screenshots in NexusMods show only modest drops in image quality. Meanwhile, one commenter reports a rise in FPS from 18fps using the previous lowest texture option to 40fps using the new performance textures.

If your texture desires are more towards improving image quality than performance, then the ‘Starfield High Definition Texture Pack (HDTP)’ will be the one for you. Created by Epiphany Absolute, this pack upscales all textures using AI, to 2x the original specs. While this texture pack is just as intriguing, especially as we’re already aware of what AI upscaling can do with Starfield thanks to AMD’s FSR technology, there isn’t any indication of when we’re likely to see this completed. However, the creator does encourage feedback if you want to give it a try regardless.

If you’d rather download a completed texture pack, you could also try ‘Starfield Optimized Textures’ by Lupit instead. This pack aims to optimize textures, minimize visual degradation, and improve performance overall without causing any stuttering.

Even though the Starfield release date is only just upon us, there are already around 27 pages worth of mods available on NexusMods alone. These range from providing Nvidia DLSS and Intel XeSS support to improving the HUD, and even providing hi-res hair and beard textures. There’s no limit to what the modding community can achieve, and these mods discovered by wccftech are just the beginning. I can only imagine that one day Starfield will have enough mods to make even Skyrim jealous.

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