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Seven Steam Deck games you need to buy during the Spring Sale

Everyone needs new Steam Deck games from time to time, and the Steam Spring Sale presents the best value available on many of the best games.

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As a new season dawns upon this planet, it can mean only one thing, another Steam Sale is under way. Rather than randomly plucking out some games we want you to buy, we’re instead taking a slightly different approach. We’re going to recommend some of the best Steam Deck games in the Steam Spring Sale, to help you boost your library of handheld experiences.

Our adoration for the Steam Deck is well known, and we even consider it to be the best handheld gaming PC in what is an ever-growing market. We’ve spent some time browsing the Steam Spring Sale to find seven games you need to play, if you don’t already own them. You’ll need to be quick though, because the Steam Spring Sale ends on Thursday, March 10 at 10AM PT.

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A roguelike had to appear on this list, and it was very nearly Dead Cells, but in the end, we’ve settled on Hades, in part because of its incredible storytelling that doesn’t end when you beat the final boss.

Far from a demanding game, the Steam Deck handles Hades brilliantly, and on an OLED display, the vibrancy of the underworld theming is incredible.

With the Hades 2 release date set for later this year, do yourself a favor and get the original played ASAP, preferably on a Steam Deck.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Just like we had to include a roguelike, a PlayStation port also had to appear on this list. Many of Sony’s first-party games run incredibly well on Steam Deck, but our pick in the Steam Spring Sale is Horizon Zero Dawn.

An excellent story, engaging world, and truly empathetic protagonist in Aloy all combine to create a game that is a must-play for open-world RPG lovers.

Better still, it runs wonderfully on the deck, and we expect the same of its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, which is due out later this month.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns isn’t the Marvel game we expected when it was first revealed, but it’s certainly the one we deserve. This turn-based RPG mixes deck building and battle strategy into one neat package and tops it all off with an engaging story.

Performance on the Steam Deck is seamless, and it’s yet another game that I would suggest feels more at home on the Deck than it does on a standard gaming monitor.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Fear not, we’ve not forgotten to include a cozy game on the list, and Disney Dreamlight Valley is easily the most delightful experience for gamers who prefer a calmer experience when gaming on the go.

While the base game is amazing, Disney Dreamlight Valley comes to life through its regular free updates, and there’s even a whole new island to explore if you choose to purchase the full expansion. Still, there’s enough content in the base game to keep you entertained for over 100 hours.

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Baldur’s Gate 3

What better game to play on Valve’s pocket powerhouse than the one considered by many – including us here at PCGamesN – to be a Game of the Year contender?

This epic title is one of the best RPG games on PC but transfers very nicely to the Steam Deck courtesy of optimizations made by Larian Studios.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is notoriously evading most sales on Steam, so if you’ve been on the fence about giving it a go, now is the right time because there’s no guarantee that it will be on sale again any time soon.

Hitman 3 (Freelancer)

Hitman is a series that is standing the test of time thanks to a bold release strategy that very few people thought would ever work. Thankfully, not only is IO Interactive proving the doubters wrong, but last year it added an entirely new game mode to Hitman 3 called Freelancer, and it’s utterly fantastic.

Essentially a roguelike mode, Freelancer sees 47 head out on new missions with varying goals, starting with very basic equipment that you must upgrade over time. For a completely free update, Freelancer adds an incredible amount of replayability to Hitman, and it’s a great way to spend time on your Steam Deck

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Every Yakuza game is Steam Deck verified, and every one is well worth playing, but if we have to recommend somewhere to start, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a great way to get acquainted with the franchise.

Ichiban Kasuga is one of the most relatable and endearing protagonists in gaming history, and following his journey via the Steam Deck doesn’t detract from the grandeur of his (mis)adventures.

If you’re keen to see our picks for the best Steam Deck games, we’ve but together an ever-expanding list to keep you in the loop.