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Suicide Squad players get free in-game currency after shaky launch

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League players get 2,000 Luthor Coins (in-game currency) after the game was unplayable on multiple occasions.

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League free currency: a close up shot of a mans face, with purple eyes and veins all over his head

Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League developer Rocksteady Games appears to be offering players who spent around $100 on the Deluxe Edition, to get early access, in-game currency as a form of apology. Since Suicide Squad launched, the always-online superhero game has gone offline, and been unplayable, twice.

With the Suicide Squad offline mode for single-player yet to arrive, early adopters who spent around an extra $30 to get 72 hours of early access have been unable to play on multiple occasions. Bugs and maintenance for Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League saw Rocksteady take the superhero game offline, with in-game Luthor Coins offered as an apology.

Suicide Squad first went offline due to a 100% campaign completion bug just one hour into release, with scheduled maintenance taking the game down for a second time during the early access period. Now, a message is being sent to Deluxe Edition players, offering up in-game currency as compensation.

“Thank you for being one of our first console players during early access of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. We recognize that you’ve been patient with us during our initial launch server updates and we’d like to show our appreciation for your patience with a special gift of 2,000 Luthor Coins,” Rocksteady says (via VGC).

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You can buy 2,000 Luthor Coins (with a bonus 400) for $20 / £16 from various online storefronts. At present Luthor Coins buy you an array of cosmetics in different bundles in the Suicide Squad in-game store, with the extra characters and seasonal content coming to the game for free throughout 2024. There are also some free Suicide Squad Twitch drops, if you want more free skins on top of this gift of in-game currency.

Rocksteady’s newest game in nine years has had a somewhat rough road up to launch, which appears to be continuing into early access. Denuvo DRM was added right before release, there’s no way to play offline at launch, and the closed alpha NDA was lifted after middling reviews.

If you’re waiting for reviews to drop and for early access to end, you’ll want to check out the Suicide Squad system requirements against your own rig, or just look at the biggest upcoming PC games instead.

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