What time does The Day Before release?

With The Day Before release times for each region now confirmed, here is when you can download and play one of Steam's top wishlisted games

What time does The Day Before release? The early access launch is almost here, as developer Fntastic shares global release times for the multiplayer open-world shooter. After a Steam page fiasco and delays, the game’s status was left up in the air, but it looks like it’s finally coming out very soon.

The global PC launch of The Day Before is set for Thursday, December 7. Do keep in mind that the survival game is set to launch in early access, though, so what we get on December 7 will not be the final product by any stretch, but it should at least include The Day Before multiplayer in both PvP and online co-op. With The Day Before release date now mere hours away, here’s everything you need to know about the release time in your area.

The Day Before early access times: a world map showing the early access release times for The Day Before

What time does The Day Before release?

The Day Before launch times are 10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm GMT, 7pm EST, and Friday, December 8 at 5am AEDT. Do note, though, that there will not be a preload option for the game on Steam.

Despite being so close now, The Day Before has been mired in controversy and confusion from the start. Between a removal from Steam (and eventual return) due to an apparent copyright dispute, the former most-wishlisted game on Valve’s platform is now second to The Finals.

While the gameplay looks fairly standard, the context surrounding this game has made it even more interesting. First, there was a trailer similar to Call of Duty zombies – like, shot for shot. Fntastic responded by saying, “We all live in a time of disinformation and lack of fact-checking,” and that such disinformation can damage other small indies. This is despite side-by-side comparisons showing shot compositions and lighting that were not only in a similar order to multiple CoD zombies but basically exactly the same.

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Then there was a more recent trailer eerily similar to what Rockstar put out for GTA 5, with the same type of tone, composition, and narrating style. Not only does bouncing between a CoD zombies style and GTA style make me confused about what type of game The Day Before wants to be, but it also just looks a bit weird.

While you wait for The Day Before release time to roll by, we recommend knowing if The Day Before is coming to Game Pass and what The Day Before system requirements are so you can ensure your rig is good enough to run the online zombie game smoothly.