Wo Long Shitieshou locations and how to feed the pandas

The Wo Long Shitieshou demons may have a crude-sounding name, but they’re just hungry pandas that really like eating metal that would otherwise go to waste.

Wo Long Shitieshou pandas locations - a baby panda with an inverse colour scheme is quiety sitting there on the planks minding its own business.

Want to know where to find the Wo Long Shitieshou demons? These cuddly-looking inverse pandas are unlike the other, more aggressive demons that roam Ancient China. They’re just loveable scamps who eat metal objects and will give you something good in return, provided they think the item is tasty enough. They’re completely harmless and can occasionally help you in your adventure.

Generally speaking, the Wo Long Shitieshou demons can be found on all main routes in each level, but feeding them is essential as there is a collector at the Hidden Village who takes these sweet babies into his sanctuary. However, you need to find and feed every single panda an item, and in this RPG game, there are a lot of them to find in missions and sub-missions. You will need to defeat a few of the Wo Long bosses and possibly earn some Wo Long Dragon Vein Crystals and Essences if you want a chance to meet these adorable creatures, but once you reach the third main level, you’ll begin to see them sitting there, waiting for a snack.

Wo Long Shitieshou pandas - a player has dropped an item in front of the panda to try and feed it.

Wo Long Shitieshou locations

Here are all the missions where you can find Wo Long Shitieshou locations:

  • The Valley of Crying Wraiths
  • The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven
  • The Flying Swallow of Heishan
  • In Search of the Immortal Wizard
  • Shadow of the Sacred Mountain
  • Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch
  • Escape From the Capital
  • The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass
  • Centuries of Glory Burned Away
  • The Lost Sacred Artifact
  • Darkness Over the Hanshui River
  • Tyrant’s Final Banquet
  • Fate of the Entertainer
  • War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely
  • The Uninhibited Heart
  • The Way of the Warrior
  • Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men
  • Behold the Glaive of Righteousness
  • The Assault on Wuchao
  • Let’s Make our Armour Shine!
  • Decisive Battle of Guandu
  • Heirloom Seal of the Realm
  • Let’s Make our Halberds Shine!

Wo Long Shitieshou pandas - a local from the Hidden Village is nursing a Shiteshou panda near some bamboo.

How to feed the Wo Long Shitieshou panda demons

To give the Wo Long Shitieshou something to eat, go into your inventory and select a weapon, armour, or another piece of equipment you don’t particularly care about of a decent rank. Select it, and choose the drop option. A glowing item will appear before the Shitieshou, who will then proceed to consume it, spit up a different item of the same rank, and then fall asleep. If you find the Shitieshou is not eating whatever metal weapons or armour you’re putting out in front of it, this is not the intended reaction and could very well be a bug, so make sure you have checked out the Wo Long system requirements and updated the game to its latest version.

Those are all of the Wo Long Shitieshou locations. While you’re here, you may wish to catch up on tips for how to deflect attacks in Wo Long, as well as a full list of the Wo Long spells. If you’re enjoying one of the best PC games available this year, check out how long Wo Long is or if Wo Long new game plus mode exists.