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Gamescom - Here’s the first World of Warcraft: Shadowlands animated short

There will be three more of them to drum up the hype before the WoW: Shadowlands launch date

A still from one of WoW's animated short

We’ve just got our first look at World of Warcraft‘s new animated short, Afterlives. The first episode premiered as part of Gamescom’s Opening Light Live segment. The animated short showcases the Bastion location and the Valkyrie-like race, known as kyrian Aspirants, that inhabits it.

In the short, we see a man who has died and appears in the realm. He is not taking his death well, and demands retribution for it. While it’s not advised, someone takes the man under their wing to train them. You then find out that why the individual can’t let go of his past because he has been betrayed by a formal pupil.  You can check out the animated short down below.

Blizzard previously revealed that there will be three more of them, and that they’re here to offer you a window into the “ancient and powerful Covenants that rule over the four new zones in Shadowlands”. We also imagine they’re a good way to drum up the hype ahead of the WoW: Shadowlands release date, which was revealed to landing in October.

We’ve still got a bit of a wait until the next expansion arrives, but you can try the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands pre-patch on the PTR right now. Do keep in mind, though, that Blizzard is still tweaking things, so it’s not quite ready. You currently can’t solo some of the Legion content on the PTR, for example. It’s partly down to the Corruption system being removed, along with some other balance tweaks. It’s not by design, don’t worry – everything will be fixed.

There are some things, however, you’ll need to wait for. One of the update’s new areas includes a Witcher 3 easter egg, and ray tracing is on the way, too. One of the more wholesome features is a tribute to late WoW content creator Reckful.

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While you wait for the MMORPG’s new update, or the next WoW animated short, you can check out these WoW addons to spice up your gameplay. If you want a heads up on all the WoW: Shadowlands changes on the way, we’ve jotted them down so you can plan out what’s next for you in Blizard’s long-serving RPG.