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Best Zenless Zone Zero Billy Kid build

Cunning Hare Billy might already be cool and cute, but this ZZZ Billy build makes him an indispensable addition to any team comp.

Best Zenless Zone Zero Billy build: Billy Kid holds on one of his guns by his face, his yellow eyes looking ahead.

What is the best ZZZ Billy Kid build? Billy is one of the first characters you meet in Zenless Zone Zero, making him one of our most trusted Agents. If you want to keep him around for his giddy banter and love of Starlight Knights, you need the best Zenless Zone Zero Billy build.

Of all the early game ZZZ characters, Billy Kid is definitely one of our favorites. Part of the Zenless Zone Zero Cunning Hares, this handsome cyborg’s looks don’t match his almost childlike personality – especially in those moments he goes into blushing anime cutie mode. Don’t be fooled though, Billy and ‘the girls’ – his dual revolvers – make a great addition to almost any ZZZ team comp, especially with the Billy build we’ve listed below.

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The best ZZZ Billy Kid build

The best Billy Kid build is:

  • W-Engine:
    • Steel Cushion (S-Tier) or Starlight Engine Replica (A-Tier)
  • Disk Drives:
    • Twisted Grindcore (two-piece set)
    • Woodpecker Electro (four-piece set)

Best ZZZ Billy Kid W-Engine

W-Engine Effects
Steel Cushion Physical damage is increased by 25%. This effect is increased by an additional 35% when attacking an enemy from behind.
Starlight Engine Replica Basic Attacks that hit an enemy deal 20% increased damage. This effect is increased by an additional 25% when the target is five or more meters away.

The Starlight Engine Replica is our go-to ZZZ W-Engine for Billy Kid, and we assume being named after the Starlight Knights is no accident. The A-rank weapon engine increases damage by 20% on successful basic attacks, but deals an additional 25% damage to enemies more than five meters away – perfect for this gun-toting ranged Agent. You’re more likely to get the Starlight Engine Replica (not to be confused with the Starlight Engine), but if you’re lucky enough to get the S-tier Steel Cushion, then swap it in. The Steel Cushion deals an additional 25% damage to physical attacks, which is Billy’s Attribute, further increased by another 35% when attacking enemies from behind.

Best ZZZ Billy build: Twisted Grindcore, the best Disk Drive for a Billy Kid build.

Best ZZZ Billy Kid Disk Drives

Disk Drive Effects
Twisted Grindcore (two-piece set) +10% HP
Woodpecker Electro (four-piece set) +8% critical rate, and, when a Basic Attack/EX Special Attack/Dodge Counter triggers a critical hit, gain a stack of 16% critical damage increases for five seconds. The duration of each stack is independent of the others.

The Woodpecker Electro set is perfect for Billy once you’ve unlocked his passive talent ‘d’, Starlight Ballistics. When Billy hits an enemy with his EX Special Attack, the skill’s critical rate is increased based on the distance from the enemy. The closer he is to the target, the greater the effect, up to a maximum increase of 32%. Since the Woodpecker Electro two-piece set further increases Billy’s critical rate by 8%, this alone is a great bonus. The four-piece set, meanwhile, also adds 16% critical damage increase for a short time every time Billy gets a Critical Hit. With the massive increase to his critical rate, then, you’re more likely to make the most of the damage boost offered by Woodpecker Electro.

Since you can equip one two-piece set and one four-piece set on each character, any two-piece set which increases defense or HP can be used in this Billy Kid build, including Soul Rock, Mammoth Electro, or Ecstatic Punk, which all give him a 16% boost to defense. However, we’ve specifically chosen Twisted Grindcore, which grants Billy a 10% boost to HP. At level 1 alone, this is a not insignificant 55 points. The other reason we have chosen Twisted Grindcore here is that the four-piece set is also an excellent choice, so if you don’t have all four Woodpecker Electro disks, you could swap it out for Twisted Grindcore until you do.

With all six ZZZ Disk Drives, if you have any duplicates and are having trouble choosing, be sure to check the base stat boost of each. For Billy, your best choice is any Disk Drive that increases HP or defense, as this is his weakest area.

With these weapon engines and Disk Drives equipped, Billy becomes even more of a valuable asset to your team – just don’t forget to level him up to increase his own base stats as well.

To unlock this full Zenless Zone Zero Billy build, you need to participate in the latest ZZZ banners, as duplicate Billy pulls allow you to unlock his six passive talents. To get more draws, check out our guide on how to earn more Zenless Zone Zero Film, and be sure to join in the latest ZZZ events for even more rewards.