How to remove Baldur’s Gate 3 Bloodless effect

Due to its significant debuff, you should remove the BG3 Bloodless effect as soon as possible after a certain someone gets their teeth into you.

Silver-haired vampire Astarion looks down with a small smile on his face.

How do you remove the BG3 Bloodless status effect? Based in the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons, there are many wild and wonderful creatures, good and bad, who can inflict you with certain… maladies. For example, let a certain silver-haired vampire get his, um, teeth into you, and you’ll find yourself inflicted with bloodless.

Bloodless is just one of many BG3 status effects you can find yourself, your allies, or your Baldur’s Gate 3 foes afflicted with. While many have positive effects, such as Aura of Leadership and the enviable Happy, Bloodless, unsurprisingly, isn’t good. You may have found yourself here after letting your BG3 companion Astarion suck the blood from your neck, you know, like any good friend of a vampire would do, so if you are desperate to get yourself back to full health, here’s how to remove the BG3 Bloodless effect.

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Bloodless status effect

The Bloodless status effect applies the following debuffs:

  • -1 to attack rolls
  • -1 to saving throws
  • -1 to most ability checks

You might be willing to let Astarion suck on your neck for these debuffs, since he receives the polar opposite of this effect, Happy, granting him with +1 in all of the same areas. If you’re taking him with you the next time you leave camp, he’ll take those improved stats with him. You, meanwhile, can either keep the nerfs or make use of some spells to remove Bloodless.

How to remove Bloodless

You can remove the Bloodless status effect by taking a long rest at camp with supplies. A short rest is not sufficient to remove Bloodless, nor is a long rest without supplies. If you don’t wish to rest yet, a Paladin can use Lay on Hands to remove Bloodless, as can anyone with the Lesser Restoration spell.

We’ve got a separate guide if you need to know more about how to rest in BG3, but once you’re up to speed, a long nap will cure you of all that ails you. If you are unable to take a long rest, you can buy the necessary supplies from vendors or loot them from chests, barrels, and more.

To use Lay on Hands, you must have a Paladin in your party who can use the action to cure the target of any diseases or effects. Finally, there’s Lesser Restoration, one of the many positive BG3 spells. Lesser Restoration can be learned by a few of the Baldur’s Gate 3 classes, including Bards, Clerics, Druids, and Rangers, and cast at level 2.

Now you know how to recover from Bloodless following a death kiss from Astarion, you might want to get close to him again. Lucky for you, our guide to Baldur’s Gate 3 romance with him, or the other BG3 companions, tells you how. Also, make sure you have the most powerful BG3 weapons and best builds equipped for when you do inevitably suffer from negative status effects.