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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War streamer sets 145-kill world record in open beta

The content creator scores a 10:1 kill-death ratio

The Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War open beta has been happening for less than two days, and we already have a strong record for most kills. A streamer managed to score a whopping 145 eliminations during a single round of the FPS game, setting quite the standard for other Call of Duty aficionados.

The achievement was scored by Frizzeyes, a Call of Duty content creator, while streaming on Twitch. In a YouTube video recounting the effort, he prefaces by running through what kind of match it was. The game is Combined Arms: Assault, a new 12v12 variant focused on capturing the opposing team’s base, on Cartel, lasting around 15 minutes, so plenty of targets on the opposing team, and plenty of time to shoot them in. His primary weapon of choice is the MP5, a reliable submachine gun that has a high rate of fire, and 14 of his victims were from nukes, giving him a nuclear medal.

The flow of Frizzeyes’ playing is mesmerising. Over the course of the round, he’s almost always on a streak, quickly jumping from two to seven to 12 kills and beyond once he’s in the zone. He dies 14 times, so he manages a K:D ration of just over 10:1, and naturally, he’s top of the scoreboard. Eventually, his team captures the final objective, putting his opponents out of their misery.

The Black Ops Cold War open beta kicked off on October 15, and Frizzeyes’ performance showing what’s possible in just one of the fresh modes on offer has doubtless inspired other streamers and pros to test their mettle, too.

You can see the entire match below:

The Call of Duty: Black Ops  -Cold War release date is coming soon – we have details on the scorestreaks, create-a-class, and field upgrades, if you’re looking to up your game as the beta continues.