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Modern Warfare 2 double XP timers are non-existent, and it’s a problem

Modern Warfare 2 double XP tokens are incredibly useful in the Call of Duty FPS game, but they don't really function like anyone thinks they should

Modern Warfare 2 double XP timers are non existent, and it's a problem

Modern Warfare 2 double XP tokens give you an hour of either double level XP or double weapon XP in the new Call of Duty from Infinity Ward, but players of the multiplayer game have been criticising the Modern Warfare 2 UI design, and there’s a pretty major flaw in it that combines with a CoD XP token issue in the FPS game.

While the XP tokens can help you level up the best Modern Warfare 2 guns in a flash, the UI doesn’t do a very good job – in fact it doesn’t do it at all – of keeping track of your XP timers. Since release it’s been painfully obvious that there’s no in-game timer for the Modern Warfare 2 double XP tokens, even though there should be.

Before you break out your own phone timer though, it should be mentioned that at present you don’t even need to worry about stopping and starting the timer when you’re in and out of games, as it’s been discovered that the timer counts down from an hour no matter what, whether you’re spending time in the Modern Warfare 2 gunsmith or not.

As far as CoD quality of life features go, not having the timer and having it countdown even outside of matches is pretty abysmal, as it makes keeping track of your double XP tokens an absolute nightmare. This isn’t something you want to be thinking about while running around all the Modern Warfare 2 maps.

This comes from CharlieIntel, and at present there’s no correspondence from Infinity Ward to tell if an update to double XP tokens is coming in Modern Warfare 2 season 1, or if this is how they’re intended to work.

There have been leaks and claims that a Modern Warfare 2 UI rework is being looked at by Infinity Ward, but there’s no concrete evidence of this or any confirmed time frame of the overall change. If a UI rework is on the way, I’d expect it to be some time off, unless it’s been done well in advance for Modern Warfare 2 season 1.

Either way, I think a change to the UI’s presentation of Modern Warfare 2 XP tokens is in order for Call of Duty, with an in-game timer at least, and for it to only countdown between matches at most. Hopefully it’s something Infinity Ward is looking at implementing, as it’ll make all our double XP grinding just a little bit simpler.

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