Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 gets extended

Looks like we'll have two more weeks of Modern Warfare Season 6

With Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War on the near horizon, it’s perhaps easy to overlook Modern Warfare, whose sixth season is still in full swing – well, just. Modern Warfare Season 6 was originally due to end earlier this week, on November 23, but players have been posting screens of the FPS game’s battle pass showing the season has now been extended for another couple of weeks.

Modern Warfare YouTuber WhoIsImmortal has posted a tweet (included below) that appears to show the Season 6 battle pass will now run for another 14 days, seven hours from the time of capture – or, until December 7 at 23:00 PT / November 8 at 02:00 ET / 07:00, as the player explains. It’s not clear whether that reset time will signal the launch of a Season 7 or not at this point. However we do know that new content of some kind is on the way to the game at some point.

Earlier this week, Infinity Ward lead multiplayer VFX artist Reed Shingledecker replied to a fan asking about a possible Modern Warfare Season 7 on Twitter: “There is more content coming”.

The dev added in that post: “I just don’t know the official name of it. Hope some info gets released soon so people know what’s going on”.

Beyond this, it’s not clear what the plans are for Modern Warfare’s incoming new content, but with the Call of Duty – Cold War Season 1 start date (and Warzone integration) in early December, perhaps all will become clear then.

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