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Warzone 2 DMZ missions are like a Far Cry game inside Call of Duty

Warzone 2 DMZ missions are just like a Far Cry game inside Call of Duty as the Activision battle royale game nears launch alongside Modern Warfare 2 season one

Warzone 2 DMZ missions are like a Far Cry game inside Call of Duty: An operator in Warzone 2, wearing a mask, checks their phone in the battle royale game

Warzone 2 DMZ missions work very similarly to a Far Cry game, except dropped inside Call of Duty, as the battle royale game approaches launch alongside Modern Warfare 2 season one, and Infinity Ward and Activision share more details on Warzone 2 factions.

As well as surviving against other players and AI opponents, your central objective in Warzone 2 DMZ is to complete missions for a range of factions. You start out working for Legion, a private military contractor trying to get a foothold into the Warzone 2 map, Al Mazrah. Jobs include securing intel, assassinating high-value AI targets, rescuing hostages, delivering supplies, and destroying opponents arms’ caches. You’ll definitely be needing the best Warzone 2 guns to get these done.

Once you’ve worked for Legion long enough, you unlock missions for White Lotus, a group that previously held sway over Al Mazrah but has been diminished by recent fighting. “In assisting the White Lotus, you may eventually help them retake their original operations base, which could ultimately reestablish the control they once had over the DMZ,” Infinity Ward explains. We’d recommend the best Warzone 2 marksman rifles here.

And once you’re done working with White Lotus, you’ll be contacted by a third Warzone 2 faction, Black Mous, an apparently “shadowy presence” which offers missions based on espionage, stealth, and cyber warfare.

Working for multiple sides. Playing each off against the other. Completing sabotage and assassination missions to try and gain dominance over the region. It all sounds very Far Cry, and Warzone 2’s DMZ mode promises to deliver a “narrative-focused” mode to parallel the more casual battle royale. Nevertheless, the meta will still apply, so be sure to take the best Warzone 2 Chimera loadout with you.

Preload for Warzone 2 has already started, but if you have Modern Warfare 2 installed beforehand, you can simply download a small update to unlock the battle royale game on Wednesday November 16. Check out our full guide on how to preload Warzone 2 if you’re unsure.

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