Where to find Diablo 4 Doombringer

As one of the six rarest Unique items in D4, Doombringer is difficult to find to say the least. We've got all the information on how to increase your chances.

How do you get Doombringer in Diablo 4? The two-handed sword has recently been listed as one of the six rarest items in Blizzard’s game. It’s not tied to one class so it’s highly sought after, as it boosts stats such as your maximum health, healing, and critical strike damage output.

As it’s one of the game’s Unique items, Doombringer isn’t easy to find in Diablo 4. Whether you’re trying to put the best build together for any of the classes, or just trying to find items at the highest rarity level, we’ve discovered how to boost your chances of obtaining this sought after weapon.

Diablo 4 Doombringer location

To find Doombringer you need to be at least level 85 and playing on World Tier four. The sword will drop randomly from defeating enemies, but you can increase your chances by completing endgame content including Nightmare dungeons and Helltide events.

This was confirmed in a tweet from Adam Jackson, the game’s lead class designer, alongside others such as the Grandfather sword and Andariel’s Visage helm. This means it will always drop at 820 item power.

Farming endgame activities can be a grind, but if you’re determined to get Doombringer you’ll want to read our guides on how to unlock World Tier four as well as the best way to survive Helltide events.

Diablo 4 doombringer stats page

Diablo 4 Doombringer stats

Here are the stats for Doombringer:

  • 820 item power
  • 1,241 damage per second
  • [903-1,355] damage per hit
  • 1.10 attacks per second (fast weapon)
  • +17.5% critical strike damage
  • +12.5% core skill damage
  • +16.0% damage 
  • Up to a 5% chance to heal [523-941] life
  • 12.0% maximum life
  • Up to a 20% chance to deal 5,822 shadow damage to surrounding enemies and reduce their damage done by 20% for 5 seconds

Doombringer is account bound, meaning it cannot be traded, but can be used on any class, and any of your characters. The item’s description reads, “Whenever this ancient sword has reappeared throughout history, it portends a time of great strife, as well as a devastating loss of life”.

After a length grind, Doombringer can elevate your build to new heights once found and equipped. We’ve also got guides on how to find the Harlequin Crest and Melted Heart of Selig uniques, if you’re looking to seek out more of the rarest items in Diablo 4.