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Diablo 4 error code 300008 explained

Discover what the Diablo 4 error code 30008 means, why your request timed out, and how to fix it so you can get straight back to demon-slaying in Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 error code 300008: Lilith, the main antagonist of Diablo 4, glares at the viewer, her blue eyes gleaming in the dark.

How do you fix the Diablo 4 error code 300008? There are a variety of error codes that you might encounter while trying to connect to the always-online ARPG, but the Diablo 4 error code 300008 comes with a somewhat unhelpful message: ‘Your request timed out. Please try again’. There’s actually a multitude of causes for this particular error, so we’re here to help you investigate the most likely one, and how to fix it.

Unfortunately, Diablo 4 doesn’t come with an offline mode, so it’s somewhat inevitable that you’ll encounter connectivity issues while exploring Sanctuary. We recommend keeping our complete list of Diablo 4 error codes on hand so you can quickly identify and resolve issues whenever you find yourself locked out from the best classes. Here’s how to fix the Diablo 4 error code 300008.

What does the Diablo 4 error code 300008 mean?

Diablo 4 error code 300008 includes a brief explanation that ‘your request timed out’, which most likely points to a problem with the Diablo 4 servers.

The best way to identify widespread problems with Diablo 4’s servers is right here on PCGamesN, where we keep up-to-date with the current server status. You might also wish to consult the Battle.net support page for Diablo 4, as well as the Blizzard CS Twitter account for scheduled maintenance or trending issues.

The tooltip identifying Diablo 4 error code 300008, with Lilith standing in the background.

How do I fix the Diablo 4 error code 300008?

You can fix the Diablo 4 error code 300008 in a number of ways depending on the root cause, but given that the issue is most likely server-side, the best course of action is to simply wait until the issue resolves itself.

However, if all the above resources are pointing to stable servers, we recommend the following steps:

  • First, launch a web browser or other online application to see if your connection issues are isolated to Diablo 4. If they also aren’t working, the fault almost certainly lies with your internet connection. We recommend ensuring you’re connected to the internet via ethernet cable to rule out any issues that may be affecting your wifi. It’s also well worth restarting your PC and router to clear the memory cache on both systems.
  • If the problem is isolated to Diablo 4 but there are no reports of issues elsewhere, check with your friends to see if they’re also experiencing the issue or if the error is affecting a specific platform in Diablo 4 crossplay.
  • Finally, ensure that Diablo 4 is up-to-date by launching Battle.net and navigating to the correct tab from your game library.

Now that you know how to fix the Diablo 4 error code 300008, be sure to check out the best builds chosen by the devs themselves, as well as a few of our own choice picks. We also recommend checking out the Strongholds and world bosses to watch out for when you dive back in, to help you grab the best Unique items for your class. Our Diablo 4 review can also help you kill some time before the servers come back online with a variety of anecdotes from our own time in Sanctuary.