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Fallout 4 mod adds HD texture overhaul to Bethesda RPG

A new Fallout 4 mod completely overhauls the textures of the Bethesda RPG game, making almost everything in the game HD seven years after the initial release

Fallout 4 mod adds HD texture overhaul to Bethesda RPG: a close up of Fallout 4 companion Piper, sat down

As far as Fallout 4 mods go, there are a lot of them. The 2015 RPG game has been supported heavily by the community since launch, with game wide overhauls like Fallout: London and Fallout: Miami on the way, alongside bizarre creations like a Lego Fallout and a cardboard cutout of the one and only Todd Howard.

If you want a simple yet effective Fallout 4 mod, however, this HD texture overhaul may just be the one for you. Developed by luxor8071, ‘Fallout 4 HD Overhaul 2K’ is a mod with an unassuming name that changes the game by a fair bit. Luxor8071 has been releasing texture overhaul Fallout 4 mods for quite some time, but this is a much more wide ranging project.

This latest mod is a complete texture overhaul, which provides “new and improved HD textures” to thousands of objects across the base game of Fallout 4 and its DLCs. There’s better textures for clothes, creatures, weapons, armours, and more, with most of luxor8071’s other mods included as well.

These types of mods are the ones that seem not as interesting on the surface, but once you download them it feels like you’re playing an entirely new game. The post-apocalyptic nuclear retro-futuristic 50s of the Fallout universe is part of what makes it so special, so being able to see all of Bethesda’s assets in even greater detail is amazing.

You are warned to not verify the file integrity of the Fallout 4 mod’s replaced ba2 via Steam after install however, although it’s unclear why this is a problem.

You can check out the Fallout 4 mod on Nexus Mods, which has instructions and guides for downloading the texture pack for the Bethesda RPG.

If you want more Fallout 4 mods and related content, the Fallout 4 New Vegas mod has some new stuff you can try, or there’s another DLC-sized mod that turns Fallout 4 into Star Wars. Alternatively, we recently had a Starfield release date update, as the game should come out some time after Redfall next year.