Where to plant saplings in Fortnite

All nine locations for planting saplings at Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Food Truck, and FN Radio

Outlines where you can plant two of the sapling trees in Fortnite.

Want to know where to plant the saplings in Fortnite? It’s been a while since the Fortnite epic challenges had outline location challenges, but alas here we are. This time around your challenge is to find three locations that are not named on the map, and plant a bunch of saplings to grow into new trees.

More outline-based challenges feature in this week’s legendary challenges, and they can be tricky to complete without knowing where to go. You need to place prepper supplies in Hayseed’s Farm and place Fortnite cow decoys. You may also wish to know where this week’s Fortnite alien artifacts locations are so you can unlock new Fortnite Kymera styles.

Since you only need to deploy three saplings in total, you only really need to head to one of the three locations to complete this Fortnite epic challenge. There are nine total locations where you can plant them, with each sapling shown as an outline. We have a map of where the outlines are at Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Food Truck, and FN Radio, as well as a detailed description of where to find all three saplings in each area. They’re all very close to each other, so once you find one, you should be able to find the other two.

Fortnite plant saplings locations

Our map only shows where the locations for plant saplings are in Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Food Truck, and FN Radio. This is because all three saplings in each area are very close together. The sole exception to this is one of the saplings in Stumpy Ridge, but read on to find a more detailed explanation on where to find every one of them.

Here are all nine locations where you can plant saplings in Fortnite:

The Fortnite map showing the three areas where you can plant the saplings.

  • Stumpy Ridge – one of the saplings is on top of the ridge between two trees. The other two are at the bottom of the ridge near the tree stumps
  • Fork Knife Food Truck – all three saplings are behind the food trick, close to the two porta-potties
  • FN Radio – all three saplings are west of the FN Radio building, close to the three rocks looking over the cliff towards Craggy Cliffs

And those are all nine locations to plant saplings in Stumpy Ridge, Fork Knife Food Truck, and FN Radio in Fortnite. The latest season has plenty of new changes you should check out if you’re not familiar with them. We recommend discovering what Fortnite alien nanites do, and how Fortnite crafting and Fortnite animals have changed since their introduction in the Primal update. When it comes back, you may also want to check out how to use an Inflate-A-Bull in Fortnite.