Genshin Impact amakumo fruit locations

Here's where to find Baal's ascension material in Genshin Impact

Looking for amakumo fruit in Genshin Impact? You need this rare ascension material to level up Raiden Shogun and create the best Baal build in Genshin Impact. So, where can you find them?

The 2.1 update has arrived, and with it new Genshin Impact characters: Baal, Sara, and Aloy. Although Aloy is free to PlayStation owners of Adventure Rank 20 or higher, PC players will have to wait until the 2.2 update to play as her. Fortunately, the current Genshin Impact banner features some powerful characters and new weapons, with a Kokomi banner arriving mid-way through the update.

To obtain amakumo fruit and level up Raiden Shogun, you first need to head to Seirai Island, one of the new locations in Inazuma. You can pick up around 90 amakumo fruits per run, and you need a total of 168 amakumo fruit to fully level Baal. Here’s where to find this precious fruit, which has a light blue bud and pale red stem – you can acquire two fruit per plant, so be sure to grab both.

Where to find Amakumo fruit in Genshin Impact

Once you land in Seirai Island, you can forage for this material straight away, but the best places to find amakumo fruit are by the shoreline on the outskirts of Amakumo Peak, and at the centre of Amakumo Peak. Check out the interactive map to see other areas of Seirai Island where you can find amakumo fruits, including Koseki Village and Fort Hiraumi.

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