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Genshin Impact’s Charlotte may be the first Cryo catalyst

Genshin Impact's newest Fontaine character reveal, Charlotte, could be the very first Cryo catalyst user on the roster if leaks are to be believed.

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Last week’s Genshin Impact Charlotte reveal may have given us more hints about her character than we initially thought — she could very well be the first Cryo catalyst user in the anime game. Keen-eyed viewers might have spotted the Cryo vision on Charlotte’s right leg during the version 3.7 special program, and recent Genshin Impact leaks are now suggesting that she’ll have an element and weapon combination that no other character has.

For those who missed the Genshin Impact version 3.7 special stream last weekend, Charlotte is a reporter from Fontaine — the next region we’ll be introduced to after our time in Sumeru comes to an end. It looks as though she’ll be present during the 3.7 flagship event when Kirara and several other characters from different regions come together to participate in a Genius Invokation TCG challenge.

Currently, Genshin Impact has a large number of characters who use a wide variety of weapon and element combinations. The only weapon/element combinations that we haven’t yet seen are a Cryo user with a catalyst weapon and a Hydro user with a claymore weapon.

The leak mentioned above comes from a well-known Genshin leaker named Mero on Twitter, and if it’s correct, Charlotte will be the only Cryo catalyst user in the game when she’s released.

We still don’t have official info on a set date for her banner or her rarity, but she’ll likely come during the Fontaine updates, after version 4.0 goes live.

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Given that the only weapon/element combo still missing is Hydro and claymore, it feels like the Hydro nation of Fontaine would be the perfect place to introduce a character with that kit as well.

Genshin Impact version 3.6 is still live for about another week, so you still have a bit more time to pull for Baizhu, Ganyu, and Kaveh before the next update.