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Genshin Impact sales prove Dehya reigns despite being useless

Genshin Impact's day one Dehya sales estimates show that players have chosen to spend their Primogems on a likeable character, ignoring the anime game's meta.

Genshin Impact sales show players pulling for Dehya, despite meta: anime girl with brown hair and blue eyes

The Genshin Impact day one sales estimates for Dehya are showing that players couldn’t care less about the meta. If you’ve spent any amount of time in or around the anime game‘s community recently, you know that Dehya borders on uselessness gameplay-wise. But she’s one of the most likeable – and well-designed – characters in the entire nation of Sumeru, which seems to be far more important.

Dehya and Cyno‘s banners are here, right after Hu Tao and Yelan had the most popular banner cycle we’ve seen since launch. The Pyro and Electro main DPS pair likely won’t reach those same highs, but what they may lack in gameplay, they make up for in every other category that counts.

I’m sure there are more eloquent ways to put it, but Dehya and Cyno are just straight-up cool, both visually and in their writing. Despite the fact that their people in the desert are often treated as outsiders, they show up to help and support others in Sumeru City whenever necessary.

Dehya’s Wall of Hope teaser trailer even influenced players to donate thousands to a real-life children’s charity, after it showed her selfless actions and ideals. It’s tough to hate these two when talking about the entirety of what makes a character, and the numbers below show that.

Genshin Impact sales show players pulling for Dehya, despite meta: colour coded chart with haracter icons and sales numbers

These numbers come from GenshinLab – a site that compiles Chinese App Store data and creates sales estimates to show the spending habits of this significant section of the RPG’s player base.

As seen on the chart, Dehya and Cyno have manged to make about USD $3,834,666 / GBP £3,209,960, which isn’t as high as Nahida and Yoimiya‘s day one record, but still much higher than the community anticipated.

Genshin Impact version 3.5 just went live yesterday, so you can start pulling for the desert duo, or save up for Ayaka and Shenhe on the following character banners.